Professional Development Committee

Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

January 14, 2004

Present: Amy Boucher (note taker), Alix Reiskind (co-chair), Amira Aaron, Doug Campbell, Karen Carlson-Young, Carol Ellerbeck, Ksenya Kiebuzinski, Manda Salls

Absent: Laureen Esser (co-chair)

Ksenya and Doug gave an update on the Bryant Fellowship. There have been some questions about previous awards being given to non-exempt staff. The award is intended for professional development and previously there has been no specific limitation on who may be eligible for an award. Alix and Laureen have been working with LAEC and Wadsworth House to clarify this. In February, Doug and Ksenya will review the applications and send their selections to Wadsworth House for approval.

As of the meeting time only 1 Bryant application had been received. The brown bag forum was set for Friday the 16th, and the three winners from last year are scheduled to speak. It was hoped that the brown bag forum would generate more applications. The decision was made to keep the Feb. 20th deadline and not to extend it in the hopes of attracting more applicants. The possibility of recruiting applicants was also discussed, either from librarians known to be actively doing research, or reconsidering applicants from the large pool received last year.

The PDC winter program, Digital Library Projects, will take place on Feb. 6, 2004, in the Lamont Forum Room. The program has 45 registrants and is 3 over the limit. There has been a high degree of interest in the program and in the presenters, Sue Kriegsman and Wendy Gogel. All the details are settled and the catering is in place.

Amy reported on the mentoring subcommittee. Committee members were in the process of developing a survey to be distributed to library staff that will be used to measure interest in a mentoring program, and were planning to meet at the beginning of February to discuss the draft of the proposal to the LAEC as well as questions to be included in the upcoming survey.

Future programs were discussed. Some ideas included Museum/Library partnerships, networking and career development, iCommons, and Harvard's satellite libraries. A discussion of storage and preservation of ephemeral data (electronic self publishing) followed. It was decided that this might be of interest to many at Harvard, and Carol agreed to investigate further.

The next meeting is to be held on Feb. 11th

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