Professional Development Committee

Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

March 10, 2004
Gropius Room
Frances Loeb Library

Present: Amira Aaron, Amy Boucher, Doug Campbell, Carol Ellerbeck (note taker), Laureen Esser (co-chair), Ksenya Kiebuzinski, Alix Reiskind (co-chair), Karen Carlson-Young

Absent: Manda Salls

Bryant Fellowships: The Bryant Fellowship Committee received five applications and decided on three awards of $1000.00 each. The five applications and letters of award were passed around. There was some discussion about the language used in the Bryant Fellowship announcement to describe the possible recipients. It was decided that the phrase “library staff” will be changed to “professional library staff” for future announcements, and that these announcements will continue to be sent to Wadsworth House for review and approval before publication.

Spring program:

Lecture and Tour -- Countway Library and Anatomical Museum.
Friday, April 23rd
1:30 p.m.

Doug has been in contact with the Head of Countway Library. The Director of Countway Library and the Curator of the Museum will give the lecture and tour. There will be a mandatory sign-up to give the Library Director a head count prior to the event. No limit will be placed on the number of attendees. Suggested transportation methods include the shuttle or the T. Doug will look into placing an announcement in hulinfo approximately a month prior to the program, and there will be a follow-up announcement thereafter.

Mentoring Subcommittee: Laureen and Alix said the mentoring program proposal and survey were presented to the Executive Committee at their last meeting; however, they did not have time to review them. They decided that the proposal and survey would be discussed at the next Executive Committee meeting in early April.

LAEC Meeting: Laureen gave some meeting highlights.

  1. The new librarians brown bag lunch was held in February in Lehman Hall and was a great success. Amira was there and said there was a big turnout, approximately 30 - 40 attendees. There has been a lot of positive feedback on the event and there is discussion about having these lunches on a regular basis from now on (monthly from September through May).
  2. There was discussion about the topic for the fall Librarians’ Assembly, with iCommons, the course platform, or the idea of an institutional repository as possibilities. Amira pointed out that some groups are experimenting with MIT’s D-Space as a trial institutional repository for scholarly material. There are now approximately 8 - 9 institutions using D-Space. There was discussion that it would be nice if the Librarians’ Assembly chose iCommons and then we could take the topic of D-Space. Laureen said they will get more information on the topic for the fall Librarians’ Assembly at the next LAEC meeting.

Future Programs: Alix suggested the idea of visiting the Harvard Depository in Southborough. Karen said she would find out whether the Joint Council organizes tours. Ksenya thought that this would make an interesting program with discussion from different perspectives, including users, circulation, and cataloging.

Amira brought up the idea of having a series of programs with a theme - new developments in technical services. Because travel budgets for conferences are being cut, she suggested that we bring programs/speakers to Harvard instead of sending librarians to conferences. Laureen suggested that we might even invite librarians from other institutions to attend or to jointly sponsor these forums. Amira and Karen said they would draft a list of possible topics, like D-Space and the Institutional Repository, DOI and CrossRef, FRBR (Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records), and XML. Doug suggested MIT’s Media Lab as another possibility.

Next meeting:

Wednesday, April 14, 2004
9:30 - 11:00 a.m.
Business School
25 Travis Street

Take the 66 or the 86 bus to the corner of Western Avenue and North Harvard Street. Walk down Western Avenue toward the Business School and take the first right onto Travis Street (Fleet Cleaners and Volkswagen dealership on the corner.) 25 Travis is the 3rd building on the right - brick building - with the entrance in the rear. (If you drive, there is plenty of free parking in the rear as well.)

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