Professional Development Committee

Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

October 14, 2004
Gutman Library

PRESENT: Amira Aaron, Alicja Altenberger, Amy Boucher, Doug Campbell, Karen Carlson Young, Ksenya Kiebuzinski, Craig Thomas

Alicja chaired the meeting at Gutman and opened it at 9:37 a.m.

1. Review of HD Tour: Karen reported that there had been over 85 responses. The tour was limited to 28 people chosen by Wadsworth House. The bus cost $457. The feedback of the attendees was positive. There was a good mix of HCL/non-HCL and professional/support staff. The Joint Council will submit a report to the Executive Committee that Wadsworth arrange tours on a regular basis due to the high demand. Karen will write up a report on the Oct. 5 tour.

2. PDC Series: Amira had checked with Dale regarding money from LDI and space for the upcoming workshop in Feb. or March 2005. She also checked with Barbara Graham, who would like Wadsworth to co-sponsor. Barbara mentioned that we could open it up to include MIT. The topic of organizing the workshop around FRBR was discussed further. The program could be practical in scope and Barbara Tillett from LC could provide a theoretical underpinning and update us on AACR3 developments. Alicja mentioned that Amy Benson had given a good FRBR presentation at NELINET. Amira will contact Barbara Graham and then call Barbara Tillett and ask her if she would be interested in doing a program on FRBR.

3. Upcoming Events:

  • Amy Brand from Cross-Ref : Amira will send a reminder notice about the Amy Brand's upcoming presentation on Oct. 20. Amira will do the introduction.
  • Weisman Preservation Tour : Was not discussed in detail. The Nov. 16 date is still TBA. [It was made Nov. 17]. Jane Hedberg is to give the tour.

4. Bryant Fellowship: Ksenya reported that the first notice regarding the deadline for application is to appear in the October issue of Library Notes. A reminder will be made as well at the Jan. 20, 2005 Brown Bag lunch, as well as in the Jan. issue of Library Notes and on HUL. The submission deadline is Feb. 18. Ksenya will contact Connie Mayer, the webmaster to update the dates on the website and will also submit the announcements to Notes and HUL.

5. Future event topics : Possible topics discussed:

  • Current trends in serials. Alicja suggested specifically a workshop on all aspects of dealing with electronic serialsólicensing, public service vs. tech service aspects, subscription control issues (paper vs. electronic).
  • Open access journals.
  • How libraries can involve themselves in the teaching process. Working with faculty, for instance, was a suggestion.
  • Fund raising for smaller libraries and special collections. Have a grant writing workshop? Contact someone at Harvard who could give information on grant/money resources? Alicja will find out how special projects at Gutman receive funding.

Alicja will send out via e-mail options for the next PDC meeting during the week of Nov. 8th .

The meeting adjourned at 11:01 a.m.

Submitted by Craig Thomas


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