Professional Development Committee

Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

November 11, 2004
HCL Technical Services

PRESENT: Amy Boucher, Doug Campbell, Karen Carlson Young, Laureen Esser, Ksenya Kiebuzinski, Craig Thomas

Not present: Amira Aaron, Alicja Altenberger, Carol Ellerbeck

  1. LAEC update on tour policy: Wadsworth House will take responsibility for future HD tours. Weissman tour: people like the idea of a lottery to decide who will attend.
  2. Weissman Center Tour is coming up on November 17. This will be the final tour before it moves to its new location.
  3. FRBR presentation update. The FRBR presentation with Barbara Tillett from LC is scheduled for March 22 (Tuesday). Karen is arranging the details.
  4. Archiving Committee information. What sorts of information should we be saving for the University Archive? Tour responses, for example. For the Bryant Fellowship, only the materials relating to the chosen applicants.
  5. Spring topics:
    • Mentoring forum, presenting the general benefits of mentoring. Perhaps first week in February. Possible presenters discussed included Mary Beth Clack, Cathy Conroy from the Law School ; Laurie Stickels from CTD, and/or someone from HR. A feedback form could be passed out at the forum. Craig, Karen, and Doug will work on this.
    • Reminder from LAEC: if a PDC-event requires funding, the PDC must submit a proposal to the Executive Committee.
  6. Bryant Website & schedule: Website updates have not yet been loaded. The Brown Bag Lunch will take place the first week of February.

Next meeting TBA. Will take place at Widener.

Submitted by Craig Thomas

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