Professional Development Committee

Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

January 11, 2005
Reference Room, HCL Technical Services

PRESENT: Laureen Esser, Ksenya Kiebuzinski, Craig Thomas (note taker) Karen Carlson-Young

Absent: Amira Aaron, Alicja Altenberger, Amy Boucher, Doug Campbell, Carol Ellerbeck

Bryant Fellowship: Ksenya passed out flyers soliciting applications for the Bryant Fellowships in 2005. The deadline is Friday, February 8, 2005 . There will be a PDC-sponored brown-bag lunch, January 21, 2005 in the Lamont Forum Room from 12 to 1 with information about the Fellowship.

FRBR Presentation: Amira sent out a Save-the-Date mailing over HUL on January 6 concerning the upcoming FRBR presentation on March 22.

Final 2004-2005 PDC Program: Laureen mentioned the possibility of our sponsoring an instructional technology presentation on the Reading List Tool being currently implemented at Harvard for supporting the curriculum. Perhaps Paul Bergen from Instructional Computing or Laura Morse from OIS could speak. We're looking at May 2005.

Mentoring Program on February 16: So far we have 2 speakers, Mary Scatamacchia, Director of Career Development at the Center of Training and Development, and Cathy Conroy from the Law School . Karen, Doug, and Craig should meet with Cathy and Mary before the 16 th to tighten up the program. We are hoping that Mary may be able to recommend a third speaker, perhaps, a mentor/mentee pair to speak on their respecitive experiences. We also need a title for the event. The Lamont Forum Room has been reserved from 9:30-11:30 a.m. , but if we cannot get a third speaker, we could end at 11. Craig will send Karen (and Mary Scatamacchia) by Wednesday, January 12, a draft for a Save-the-Date announcement to go out over HUL. Laureen will have a look at the draft and send it onto Peter at Wadsworth House, who will direct it to Barbara Graham for approval.

Mentoring Pilot Project Karen reported on the December meeting between the Ad Hoc Joint Committee on Mentoring and the Executive Committee. The Joint Committee's proposal for a pilot mentoring program needs to be rewritten with supporting appendices and only then approved by the Executive Committee prior to its submission to Wadsworth House for ultimate approval. The Executive Committee has questions about time commitment on the part of participants and wish to see a detailed documentation of what the Joint Committee has done so far “to get to this point.” They have also questioned whether the proposal as written really constitutes a “pilot project,” or if it is, in fact, a “study.” It was noted that there is managerial support for this project at HCL. The future of the PDC Committee within the confines of the Librarian's Assembly was briefly deliberated.

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