Professional Development Committee

Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

April 14, 2005
OIS, Room 205A

PRESENT: Amira Aaron, Doug Campbell, Craig Thomas (co-chair/note taker), Karen Carlson Young

Absent: Amy Boucher, Carol Ellerbeck, Laureen Esser (co-chair), Ksenya Kiebuzinski

Bryant Fellowship: Letters to the winners and Wadsworth House were sent out on March 8. The official announcements should be sent out shortly. The date of the Fellowship Luncheon is TBA. $4,000 was available this year. There were three winners out of six applicants.

Instructional technology presentation with Paul Bergen: Pending approval by the LAEC, this is scheduled for Wednesday, May 4, in the Lamont Forum Room, 3:00-4:30 . Craig will send out a notice to be distributed via HULINFO as soon as approval is received.

FRBR presentation with Barbara Tillett: This is scheduled for Thursday, May 26, at the Gutman Conference Center , 2:00-4:00 . Karen is taking care of the arrangements for Barbara to come. Amira will send out a reminder on HULINFO in May.

“Knowledge management,” or, what do we want the PDC to know about next year?:

Discussion on this topic has been postponed until the next meeting.

Mentoring: The Ad Hoc Joint Committee on Mentoring has completed its report on the feasability of setting up a mentoring pilot project and has disbanded.

Suggestions for next year: Topics suggested included:

  • A program addressing issues related to library professionals working pro bono (e.g., for local non-profits). This topic was suggested from outside, and we will need more clarification for further discussion.
  • The implications of Google Scholar.
  • How best to keep up with the professional literature. How to do so, and what technology is available? Use of Blogs. The TOC service.
  • DSpace and institutional repositories. Several names of people who could speak on the topic of electronic institutional depositories were mentioned.
  • Visualization in subject searching, e.g., the Grocker Project, which has been used at Stanford, allowing subject areas to be visualized on the screen in cocentric circles.
  • Another XML workshop?

New PDC membership: Craig will find out at the LAEC meeting the minimum/maximum numbers who can serve on the PDC [note—the Bylaws of the Librarians' Assembly do not specify]. A couple of individuals have from HUL have expressed interest in serving on the Committee next year. The terms of most of the current members will expire at the end of this academic year.

Contact link on the PDC Website: It was pointed out that there are already links to the e-mail addresses of the individual Committee members on our Website.

Next meeting: Tentatively scheduled for Thursday, May 12 at HCL Tech Services, 625 Mass Ave. , from 9:30-11:00 a.m. It will take place in Meeting Rm. 307.

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