Professional Development Committee

Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

May 12, 2005
HCL Technical Services, Room 336

PRESENT: Amy Boucher, Doug Campbell, Laureen Esser (co-chair), Ksenya Kiebuzinski, Craig Thomas (co-chair/note taker), Karen Carlson Young

Absent: Amira Aaron, Carol Ellerbeck

Bryant Fellowship: The Librarians' Luncheon featuring this year's recipients of the Bryant Fellowship is on Wednesday, May 18, at the Faculty Club. Doug and Ksenya, the Fellowship judges, have received invitations to the Luncheon.

Instructional technology presentation follow-up: Paul Bergen from ICG spoke on the topic, “Using Course Websites for Undergraduate Instruction” on May 4, in the Lamont Forum Room. There were about 70 attendees at Paul's talk, which was extremely interesting and featured both a PowerPoint demonstration as well as a view of some actual course websites. The talk was well-received and stimulated questions and discussion afterwards.

FRBR presentation with Barbara Tillett, May 26: This is scheduled for the Gutman Conference Center, 2:00-4:00. Karen has made the travel arrangements. Barbara will be given a tour of Widener afterwards. Amira has already sent out a reminder on HULINFO. Barbara is bringing 200 copies of her “What is FRBR?” pamphlet as well as another handout. We are expecting a good crowd; the room seats 200 and Amira has also invited librarians from MIT.

Knowledge management: This is an initiative from LAEC regarding the description of procedures, tasks, timelines, past programs, and other sorts of information to be on record to assist successors to the various Subcommittees in planning. We would want; for example, to keep track of how we plan for and publicize events (e.g., arranging for funding) and note the response to events. Ksenya will consult with Doug and write up guidelines for administering the Bryant Fellowship. Laureen will write up guidelines for event planning. They will forward these to the co-chairs. A records management policy needs to be created for deciding what materials go to the University Archives (only the winning applications of the Bryant Fellowship are retained, for example; the others are discarded).

Updating PDC Website: The sidebar on the Website will be taken off to match the style of the other Subcommittee Websites. The PDC decided that it is a good idea to maintain and update our list of past programs because this gives a sense of what programs have been done in the past and can assist in planning later programs. Laureen will send Connie Mayer a list of PDC programs since 2003. A possible future format for these entries would be to list title, speaker, and date, and perhaps a brief synopsis based on the HULINFO advertisement for the event. There was a discussion of the list of Professional Development Opportunities on the PDC Website. A possible topic of discussion for next year would be to maintain the Website as an up-to-the-minute information resource for professional development opportunities. It was noted, however, that this might prove impractical because we cannot update the Website ourselves. Currency would therefore be problematic. We could, on the other hand, tell the LAEC that keeping this Website up-to-date should be a higher priority. An article in “Library Notes” and a message in HULINFO might be suitable ways of drawing the attention of the HUL community to such a resource. Craig will check the existing links under “Professional Development Opportunities” and send Connie updated information. Should there be a link on our Website to the “Professional Development Leave Program”?

Past PDC minutes, 2004-: PDC members will check for any minutes to past meetings from 2004/2005 to forward to Connie. Laureen has already sent in the minutes from last year.

Doug will send the names of the current Bryant Fellowship winners to be placed on the Website.

New PDC membership: 5 membership terms are due to end. One member had to resign due to illness. 2 additional members may not continue next year due to other possible commitments. The LAEC must therefore appoint between 6 and 8 new members for next year. One person has expressed interest in serving on the PDC.

Other: The Ad Hoc Joint Committee on Mentoring has disbanded and has received notes of thanks from the Chair of the LAEC.

Next meeting: The PDC will be meeting for lunch at Daedalus in June. The tentative date is Tuesday, June 14 at noon. Craig will make the reservations.

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