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Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

September 8, 2005
HCL Technical Services Rm. 307

PRESENT: Craig Thomas (chair), Jia Lin Jin, Michael Bradford, Andrea Schulman, Ines Zalduendo, Ann Robinson, Kathy Rutter

NOT PRESENT: Kathleen Sheehan

Membership List – Shelley Woods will be unable to participate in the committee this year because she is moving to Canada .

Co-Chair – The committee usually has two co-chairs each year with staggering terms of two years. Craig is in his second year as co-chair.

Ann volunteered to be co-chair for through 2006/2007 academic year. Part of her duties is to attend the monthly LAEC meeting.

Bryant Fellowship – Craig asked for interest in this program as a sub-group to the committee. He mentioned that Kathleen might be interested. Ines and Andrea will also be involved in this group.

2005/2006 Program Ideas – There are currently no programs planned for the coming year. Craig passed out ideas that were proposed in the April 14, 2005 meeting.

How many programs do we want? Craig mentioned that LAEC suggested that committees sponsor fewer programs and spend more focus on the few programs that they do sponsor. This would also eliminate scheduling problems.

It was suggested that we sponsor two programs and a brown-bag lunch in addition to our annual Bryant Fellowship brown bag that is held in the spring. We will need approval for our programs from LAEC through their liaison, Brad Schaffner.

Ideas presented:

Michael also has a blog called The Library Despot 2.0 and is located at

Michael, Andrea, Ann showed interested in the Blogging program and Craig, Ann, Kathy and perhaps Kathleen for DSpace/Open Access

Craig will check with the LAEC calendar to avoid conflicts and bunching programs together on the calendar.

PDC Website – We currently have a problem with keeping the page current. Craig is going to contact Dana and or Alix as to how to get our website updated and able to keep it current since we do not have capabilities of writing to the website.

We could include in the site a directory of local library groups and professional development programs…. could even include non-librarian particular organizations, like Hands Across Water, and people such as book appraisers.

Another type of information we could post is conferences, scholarships, etc. such as the ALA Fulbright program.

Include a section of librarians doing non-librarian jobs.

Future Meetings – We will be meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. Our next meeting is 9:30-11:00 on October 11th at the Andover-Harvard Theological Library.

Meeting on Nov. 8th will be at the Loeb Library.

Adjournment - Meeting adjourned at 10:40 AM

Respectfully Submitted,

Michael Bradford

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