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Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

October 11, 2005
Rabinowitz Room, Andover-Harvard Theological Library, Harvard Divinity School

PRESENT: Michael Bradford, Jia Lin Jin, Ann Robinson (co-chair), Kathy Rutter, Brad Schaffner (LAEC Liaison), Andrea Schulman, Kathleen Sheehan, Craig Thomas (co-chair), Ines Zalduendo

1. 2005-2006 Programs:

LAEC Meeting October 5 2005

Ann and Craig attended the meeting of the LAEC. There was favorable reception on the part of Wadsworth House and the LAEC to the proposed PDC programs.

Blogging Program - The following suggestions were made at the LAEC meeting regarding the blogging program:

We discussed the comments and suggestions from the LAEC meeting.

Blogging policies : We should find out if there are any personnel policies on blogging at Harvard analogous to established guidelines that can be found in the corporate sector. Would Barbara Graham know who would be responsible for establishing an official blogging policy at Harvard? Kathy noted an article from Boston Magazine last year about an employee at Harvard who was fired last year due to comments written on her blog concerning the University. (n.b., she later forwarded an e-mail article from the Crimson about this story). Andrea wondered if there would be a difference in policy between official vs. staff member blogs (the Business School has files space on its servers for student use).

We could give out a list of links to appropriate articles in our HULINFO Save-the-Date message.

Possible speakers : Cheryl LaGuardia; Jessica Baumgart; Michael Bradford could speak on the perspective of a librarian with a personal blog; Ann mentioned Garrett Eastman from the Rowland Institute as a possibility.

DECISION: The event will be a brown bag during the week of November 14.

ACTION: Andrea will find out if there are any University or HUL policies on blogging.

ACTION: Kathleen will contact Cheryl LaGuardia about speaking at the program.

ACTION: Andrea will contact Garrett Eastman about speaking at the program.

ACTION: Ann will contact Lynn Sayers at Lamont about reserving the Forum Room for the week of November 14. (n.b., it's reserved for Monday November 14). We will need Internet access.

DSpace, Institutional Repositories Program – Alix mentioned at the LAEC meeting that this might be a good Spring Assembly topic, especially from the standpoint of archival ramifications. She mentioned bringing in Megan Sniffin-Marinoff from MIT. The possibility of a panel with Megan, Michael Leach, and Stephen Skuce from MIT was raised.

Should we give this program to the LAEC for the Spring Assembly topic? Andrea noted that this topic, with its implications for scholarly publishing, needs a high level of exposure and that the LAEC might be a more appropriate vehicle. Andrea also pointed out that we could compromise: the PDC could sponsor a smaller program on DSpace and leave the larger topic of open access/open archives/institutional repositories to the LAEC.

One idea for a PDC program could be to have Michael Leach from Harvard discuss the DSpace-based Harvard Sciences Digital Library and contrast that with someone from MIT, such as Stephen Skuce, discuss their approach to DSpace. Kathy suggested that ProQuest offers a commercial depository product similar to DSpace. We could get someone to discuss this or another commercial project in the context of DSpace. Kathy will check what vendors are doing at the Charleston Conference “Issues in Book and Serial Acquisitions” in November.

Google Scholar – was discussed at last month PDC's meeting. We could choose this as an alternate topic to DSpace. Perhaps, Dan Hazen and/or Marilyn Delner from OIS could discuss the current status of the digitalisation project at Harvard and address the question of preservation concerns, legality concerns, and digitalisation issues. These topics might be too sensitive.

DECISION: The PDC will hold off on making a decision about whether to continue with the DSpace program until the LAEC gives us more information about proposed Spring Assembly topics.

DECISION: The PDC will not set a date for a spring program until a topic is agreed upon.

ACTION: Craig will contact Alix to clarify the question of who will sponsor a program on DSpace and institutional repositories.

Other programs:

Getting to Know Your PC – Patti Hatch pointed out at the LAEC meeting that the difficulty with this program is that there is no centralized IT at Harvard and profiles/computer systems are very disparate. It would be difficult to do a basic program that could address everyone's PC.

HD tours – the PDC will continue to allow Wadsworth House to take the responsibility for organizing tours of the Depository.

Conferences – It was suggested at today's meeting that the PDC could sponsor brown bag lunches where library staff could give reports on recently attended conferences. This might work better around a single conference rather than around multiple conferences. Possibilities: NASIG, NETSL, NELA, the information/vendors conference held at MIT, ASIS&T, ACRL, ALA. ( ALA is generally so well attended that a program for it may not be as necessary). This program series would require finding out who has been going to what conference and inviting people to speak.

2. PDC Web Site

Alix announced at the LAEC meeting that she has direct access to the LAEC Web Sites. The idea of a revamped PDC Web Site was favorably received, but Dana pointed out the general difficulties on the part of the individual LAEC Committees with keeping their respective Web Sites up-to-date. Some suggested resources for our Web Site:

Kathleen volunteered to forward useful links to Alix and Dana.

We could also add links for other library organizations as well as links for upcoming conferences.

ACTION: PDC members will send Kathleen useful links as they come upon them.

3. Bryant Fellowship

Andrea and Ines are the two co-chairs for the Bryant Fellowship.

DECISION: The deadline to submit applications for this year's Bryant Fellowship is Friday, February 10.

ACTION: Andrea and Ines will make sure the date for the deadline on the PDC Web Site is updated.

ACTION: Ines will contact Peter Kosewski about an announcement in the November issue of Library Notes.

ACTION: Craig will send Andrea and Ines Doug Campbell's e-mail address. He has past applications and other files to give them.

ACTION: Craig will send everyone Alix's, Dana's and Peter Kosewski's e-mail addresses for future reference.

4. Next Meeting

We will be meeting Tuesday November 8 at Loeb Library in Special Collections (downstairs).

5. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 10:45 AM .

Respectfully Submitted,
Craig Thomas

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