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Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

November 8, 2005
Special Collections Room, Loeb Library, Design School

PRESENT: Michael Bradford, Jia Lin Jin, Ann Robinson (co-chair), Kathy Rutter, Andrea Schulman, Craig Thomas (co-chair), Inés Zalduendo

1. Correspondence with Wadsworth House

Alix requested at the LAEC meeting on October 27 that all general correspondence with Wadsworth House should be Cc'ed to her as well (see #2 for her e-mail address).

2. PDC Web Site

Dana Mastroianni is stepping down as webmaster for the LAEC and Jason Pannone will be stepping in for her. We should send updates to Jason ( ) and Cc: them to Alix ( ). The schedule for regular updates will be Friday afternoons. We should get information to Jason before Friday noon if it is to be posted the following week. We should also avoid links to commercial sites and add the official disclaimer on our website that Harvard does not endorse any of the links.

ACTION: Craig will make sure Jason has a list of updated PDC programs to bring our Website up to date. He will also enquire about the missing minutes.

3. Storing PDC internal documents and templates

Craig had suggested at the LAEC meeting that there be some sort of electronic space for internal documents/templates for the various Committees. Amira Aaron had suggested an iSite and said she would look into this.

4. Programs

Andrea, Michael, and Craig met with Jennifer Baumgart and Garrett Eastman at HCL Tech Services on Nov. 1 to finalize details on the upcoming blog.

Ann reported at today's meeting that presentations with Mac laptops are possible but require a special connecting cable. Andrea will check with Garrett and Jessica about this.

Ann will be at Lamont early to make sure equipment is in place and working (e.g., microphones for speakers who might happen to be soft-spoken, etc.).

Andrea has two handouts that we can post on the HULINFO reminder on Thursday: a survey for prospective future PDC programs, and a list of Blogging sites of interest which includes a link to the pertinent section of the Personnel Handbook applicable to employee use of University web space. We can attach electronic copies in lieu of bringing paper copies. She will send around copies of the documents for PDC members to review.

Craig asked Wadsworth House about funding for desserts at brown-bag lunches, but was informed that there are no funds for this. PDC members may feel free, but are not obligated, to bring cookies to the Blogging Brown-bag.

The program has been advertised on HULINFO and the HUL Events Calendar on the web. The ABCD WWW Group asked if they could post the HULINFO message on their group list.

ACTION: Craig will send out the reminder on HULINFO Thursday a.m. and will include attachments of the survey and Blogging handout.

We will wait for the results of the PDC survey before committing to this program.

Rights and Responsibilities Committee has already claimed this idea.

Jessica Baumgart mentioned that Wikimania is to be hosted in Boston in spring of 2006. A wiki program could raise awareness in advance of this program. Andrea suggested wikis as an alternative to iSites.

5. Tours

The official word from Wadsworth House is that they have sole responsibility for organizing HD Tours.

At the LAEC meeting, Alix asked if the PDC (by themselves or with Comm/Comm) would be interested in sponsoring a January tour of the new facilities at Baker Library. The PDC decided that we would be willing to do this, but wondered if the responsibility for organizing library tours fits in better with the mission of Comm/Comm. The Joint Council is currently responsible for HCL tours.

ACTION: Craig will contact Alix and ask that the question of responsibility for library tours be decided at the next LAEC meeting.

6. Bryant Fellowship

Andrea and Ines met with Barbara Graham and Betty Viano about the Bryant Fellowship Website. Our Website has been updated to consolidate duplicate information that had been on the PDC and HUL Websites. The jurist names and dates on the Website still need to be updated and a third jury member from the list of Fellowship recipients last year needs to be chosen. We are waiting for the HULINFO announcement for the Fellowship application deadline (February 10) to go out. The announcement is also slated to appear in the upcoming issue of Library Notes.

DECISION: The informational brown-bag will be either January 17 th or 18 th . Andrea or Ines will contact Lynn Sayers to book the Lamont Forum Room on one of those two dates.

DECISION: Andrea and Ines will contact the three recipients from last year to ask if they would be willing to act as a judge or to speak at the informational brown-bag in January.

7. Next Meeting

We will be meeting Tuesday December 13, 9:30-11:00 a.m. at Baker Library.

8. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 10:45 AM .

Respectfully Submitted,
Jia Lin Jin and Craig Thomas

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