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Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

December 13, 2005
Morgan 250, Business School

PRESENT: Ann E. Robinson (co-chair), Kathy Rutter, Andrea Schulman, Craig Thomas (co-chair), Inés Zalduendo

ABSENT: Michael Bradford, Jia-Lin Jin, Brad Schaffner (LAEC Liaison), Kathleen Sheehan

1. Blogging Program

About 55 people, not including PDC members, attended the program. The handouts are available on the PDC web site.

2. Bryant Fellowship

The web site has been updated with the correct information. A message about the Fellowship and the deadline has been sent to HULINFO.

The brown bag will be in the Lamont Forum Room on Wednesday, January 11, 12-1pm . Susan Halpert, one of last year's recipients, will be at the brown bag and has agreed to be on this year's jury. Inés and Andrea will get in touch with Caroline Duroselle-Melish and Barbara Mitchell and ask them to also attend the brown bag.

3. Programs: Online Poll

Andrea passed out a summary of poll responses thus far. There were 69 online responses and Craig had received 10 paper responses. When the online poll closes, Andrea will tabulate all the results (including the paper responses).

Google Print, Open Access, and Digital Repositories are the top 3 choices for programs. Respondents prefer the 10:30 -12 and 12-1:30 time slots.

The PDC can do a program in the spring and we discussed ideas about book digitization projects (not just Google Print). It was suggested that we get someone from a press (Harvard University Press or MIT Press would be good candidates) and someone from Simmons who either is interested in this topic or Sid Berger, who teaches the history of the book course. Craig also suggested Tim O'Reilly, who is a Harvard alum and on the advisory board for Google Print ( It was suggested that Dale Flecker could give a brief update on the Harvard Google Print project, as well.

Another possible tact would be looking at library collections that have been digitized by commercial firms versus collections that are digitized by libraries though grants.

March would be a possible time to do the program.

ACTION: Kathy will see if there is anyone at Harvard University Press or MIT who would be willing to speak. She's also going to get in touch with Sid Berger, the Simmons professor who teaches the history of the book course.

ACTION: Craig will see about getting in touch with Tim O'Reilly.

4. iSite

Amira Aaron has set up an iSite for the LAEC. Access is currently available only to LAEC members. There will be a training session at the next LAEC meeting in January.

General information on iSites at Harvard can be found at

5. PDC Web Site

The document Craig sent out with the agenda (Library Science Programs and Continuing Education Opportunities) is located on the web site, under the Professional Development Opportunities section. Although the handout is for the Fall Librarians' Assembly, it was felt that it fits best on the PDC site.

Kathleen has additional links to add to the Professional Development Opportunities section, but she wondered how best to organize them. Craig came up with a suggested breakdown and the committee added some categories. The suggested categories are: an Education section which would have Library Science Programs and Continuing Education Opportunities; a Conferences & Events section which would have a section of events sponsored by library organizations and a section of events sponsored by non-library organizations; an Organizations section; a Publications section; a Blogs section (perhaps under Publications?); and a Job Links section.

Craig also suggested there be a disclaimer, so that it would not appear that Harvard was endorsing any of the sites listed.

6. Tours

Ann reported that the Communications & Orientation committee is working on arranging a tour of Baker, probably to be held in the spring.

7. Other

The Fall Assembly is Thursday, December 15, 3:30-5pm in the Lamont Forum Room.

8. Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, January 10, 9:30-11am at Cabot.

Respectfully submitted,
Ann E. Robinson

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