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Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

February 7, 2006
Widener Library, Rm. G-75

PRESENT: Ann Robinson (co-chair), Craig Thomas (co-chair), Inés Zalduendo, Michael Bradford, Brad Schaffner (LAEC Liaison), Kathy Hunter Rutter, Andrea Schulman, Kathleen Sheehan (recording)

ABSENT: Jia Lin Jin

  1. Bryant Fellowship: The deadline for applications for a Bryant Fellowship is this Friday, February 10, 2006 . Three applications have been received. The brown bag lunch took place on Wednesday, January 11. There was discussion about a question raised in the Joint Council meeting about whether or not support staff are eligible for the Bryant Fellowship. The wording in the Fellowship documents says “professional staff”.
  2. Books Digitization Projects Programs: In March, Dale Flecker will present an update on the Google project at Harvard. Kathy Hunter Rutter is arranging a date in April for Sid Berger to speak on the “future” of the book.
  3. Diane Rapaport lecture: The PDC and the Harvard Retirees Association are cosponsoring a brown bag lunch/lecture by Diane Rapaport entitled, “Tales from the Courthouse: Harvard in Colonial Days" on Monday, April 10. Kathleen Sheehan is distributing publicity for this event to HULINFO and HUL Notes .
  4. iSites: Ann Robinson and Craig Thomas were trained in the use of iSites, which hosts active documents and templates for committees. The Librarian's Assembly site is up and the PDC section is live. Craig gave a demonstration. Ann and Craig are owners of the site and able to make updates. The rest of the committee members are participants and can view and participate in discussions on iSites.
  5. PDC Website: Michael Bradford distributed a list of professional development links he had gathered for a similar project at Notre Dame. The list will be posted to the PDC section of iSites for comments. Michael also offered to create a draft of a calendar listing conference opportunities that could be included on our web site. The calendar will also be posted for comments on iSites. Kathleen and Michael will continue work on the section.
  6. Next Meeting: Tuesday March 7, 9:30 -11 in Widener Library, room 145 (first floor).

Respectfully submitted,
Kathleen Sheehan

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