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Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

March 7, 2006
Widener Library, Rm. 145

PRESENT: Michael Bradford, Jia Lin Jin, Ann Robinson (co-chair), Kathy Rutter, Kathleen Sheehan, Craig Thomas (co-chair, recording), Inés Zalduendo

ABSENT: Brad Schaffner (LAEC Liaison), Andrea Schulman

  1. Bryant Fellowship: Inés reported that the Bryant Fellowship Committee had received 8 applications. Of these 4 were awarded. Sidney Verba will send out letters to the recipients after Wadsworth House has reviewed the award amounts proposed by the Committee. The Committee will then send letters to the recipients as well as to the applicants who are not receiving the Fellowship. Inés will speak to Andrea about when and how this should be done. (Andrea has provided sample acceptance/rejection letters that can be used). These will probably go out after Wadsworth House has sent out their letters. The recipients will be announced in Library Notes. Andrea, Inés, and Susan Halpert should receive invitations to the Librarians’ Luncheon to be held for the recipients.
  2. Book Digitization Projects Program/Dale Flecker Program: It had been decided at the February LAEC meeting that HUL and the PDC will co-sponsor Dale Flecker’s program so that it will receive a wider venue. Kathy is arranging this and will be in touch with Dana Hanify about reserving the Science Center. Kathy reported that due to scheduling issues that Dale is having, his talk will not be taking place in March as HUL had intended, but later. Dale will be in contact with Kathy about when he will be able to give his talk.
    Due to the large number of events scheduled in April, Sidney Berger’s planned talk on book digitization projects will take place next fall.
  3. Lecture with Diane Rapaport: Concerns had been expressed at the last LAEC meeting concerning the number of anticipated retirees from HURA attending the April 10th event at Lamont. Craig contacted Malcolm Hamilton and received assurances that Lamont would not be overrun with attendees. The brown-bag event will be taking place as scheduled. HURA will be providing cold drinks. Kathleen reported that she will be sending out the HULINFO message this week and a follow-up HULINFO message on April 5th. It will also be advertised in the March 16th issue of Library Notes.
  4. iSite: Craig reported that he had added an iFrame to the iSite so that the PDC Website appears in its own window within the PDC iSite. Further suggestions for the iSite are encouraged. Michael’s proposal for a Conference Event Schedule and suggested professional development links for the PDC Website are currently on the iSite for review.
  5. PDC Website: Inés will send Michael a list of Art library organizations to be added to the professional development section of the Website that he and Kathleen are currently working on.
    Craig had volunteered at the last LAEC meeting to assist Alix Reiskind and Jason Pannone with the LAEC pages. Updates to the PDC Website should be sent to Craig. Alix, Jason and Craig had met last week to discuss design and organizational changes to the LAEC Websites. Jason has developed a prototype for the ComCom Website that could be adopted as a model pending approval from Wadsworth House. At that point, the PDC will discuss how the current content can be organized in terms of the proposed prototype.
  6. Next Meeting: We will be meeting Tuesday April 11, 9:30-11:00 a.m. at HCL Technical Services, 625 Mass. Ave. in the Reading Room.
  7. Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 10:30 AM.

Respectfully submitted,
Craig Thomas

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