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Minutes of the Professional Development Committee Meeting

September 19, 2006
Rabinowitz Room, Andover-Harvard Theological Library, Harvard Divinity School

Present:   Michael Austin, Jennifer Beauregard, Michael Bradford (co-chair), Annie Jo Cain, Jai Lin Jin, Ann Robinson (co-chair), Alix Reiskind (LAEC Liaison), Kathy Rutter, Kathleen Sheehan, Inés Zalduendo

1.   Welcome

We have three new members of the committee: Michael Austin from the Archives, Jennifer Beauregard from the Development Office, and Annie Jo Cain from Kennedy School.   Welcome!

2.   Bryant Fellowship

Ann asked for two volunteers to serve as the point people for the Bryant Fellowship this year.   The sub-committee comprises of two PDC members and usually one immediate past winner.   Michael Austin agreed to volunteer and to have continuity, Inés has agreed to serve again this year.  

3.   2006/2007 Program Ideas

The Dale Flecker program is on for Oct. 5 th at the Science Center.   Kathy Rutter sent a message to HULINFO on September 8 th ( )

Other ideas for future programs:

  1. Sidney Berger Book Digitization -- Kathy Rutter said she will invite Sidney Berger to talk about book digitization projects (other than Google Print) and about the future of the book.   He teaches a course on the history of the book at Simmons.   We're going to aim for a spring program.
  2. HURA/Diane Rapaport --   HURA still wants to co-sponsor the Diane Rapaport program: Tales from the Courthouse: Harvard in Colonial Days. The program was postponed from last academic year.   Possibly occurring during the intercession in January.
  3. Bryant Fellowship Lecture Series -- We could ask prior Fellowship winners to speak in depth about their research in a lecture-style setting, possibly at a Brown Bag Lunch.   After the Fellowships are awarded, the winners usually just give a five minute overview talk before they undertake their research and this would be a good way of getting the Fellows back to talk more about it.  

The lecture would possibly be about twenty-five minutes with time for questions after.   Inés suggested that each lecture be stand-alone focusing on one topic.   This could take place once or twice a year

The timeframe could happen before the deadline for the Fellowship applications are due in February.   The HULINFO announcement is sent out in November and holding it after Thanksgiving but before the Fall Assembly could work.   The annual Bryant Fellowship Brown Bag Lunch usually occurs in January.

Inés will talk to Barbara Mitchell from the Loeb Library at the Design School to see if she is willing to give the first presentation.   Mitchell was a 2005 Fellowship winner and her topic was:   Boston and Cambridge Libraries, 1850-1875: A Study in Social, Cultural, and Technological Transformation.

Alix suggested that Michael and Ann see what kinds of programs and what dates the other committees are planning on at the next LAEC meeting on October 12 th so that our programs do not conflict with the other committees and make sure that they are evenly distributed throughout the year.

Jai Lin talked about reading a lot about Web 2.0 and sees possibilities for programming with Web 2.0 and Reference.

Kathy Rutter talked about Dale Flecker and possibility for a technology-related panel discussion.

Alix suggested that maybe for next year's programming to choose a theme and then select and develop programming around that theme, such as technology/Web 2.0.

Alix asked about the poll numbers and the sources of the ideas, which came from a list of suggested topics in the survey in addition to user comments to the survey.

Kathy Rutter also inquired about international exchange of librarians and mentioned an e-mail message sent by Sue Martin.   The program could be volunteer-based or something a retired librarian could do.   She would look more into that.

4.   PDC Website

Michael asked everyone to look at the new page for PDC links and forward to him suggestions for additions/deletions.   He is also working on the conference calendar functionality.

Alix asked that in preparation for the possibility for a website design, to “simplify” the PDC website by removing the frames.   Michael said he'd do that and will also perform some maintenance on the organization of the files on the website.

5.   PDC iSite

You can log into the iSite using your Harvard ID and password.   This site is not available to the public, only internal to Librarians Assembly.   It houses our internal documents such as formats for HULINFO messages, etc.   It also has the agenda and location for the next meeting.

Jennifer asked if the bulletin board functionality had been utilized?   She said that the Development Office uses it and could benefit us because it could notify committee members when a new file was uploaded so that there would not be a separate step in having to compose and send an e-mail.

Alix noted that Amira Aaron and Jason Pannone set up the iSite initially and could be contacted about that functionality.

6.   Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, October 17 th at Widener from 9:30-11:00am.   Kathleen Sheehan will supply the room location and we'll pass it along to the group.

7.   Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 10:15 AM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Michael Bradford (co-chair)

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