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Minutes of the Professional Development Committee Meeting

Forum Room, Lamont Library

PRESENT :   Michael Bradford (co-chair), Ann Robinson (co-chair), Michael Austin, Jennifer Beauregard, Annie Jo Cain, Inés Zalduendo, Alix Reiskind (LAEC Liaison)

NOT PRESENT:   Jai-Lin Jin, Kathy Rutter, Kathy Sheehan

1.   Bryant Fellowship
A HULINFO message has been sent out and there was a listing in the January 2007 issue of Library Notes .   The deadline is Friday, February 16 th .

2.   Upcoming Events

a. Bryant Fellowship Brown Bag
To be held today (Jan 19 th ).     There will be four speakers who were past recipients of the Bryant Fellowship.   The January issue of Library Notes was published the day after the event so there was no mention of the Brown Bag in that issue.

b. Tales from the Courthouse Brown Bag
The event will be held in the Lamont Forum Room on January 29 th 12:00-1:30 PM.

There has been an overwhelming response to the online RSVP that was posted earlier this month.   Of 57 respondents, 52 said that “yes” they'd come to the event and 5 said “maybe”.

Malcolm Hamilton of the Harvard University Retirees Association (HURA), who is co-sponsoring the event, said that they've gotten 40 confirmed RSVPs and that he's begun a wait list.

The Forum Room can accommodate 103 people in a theater style seating arrangement and we're all looking forward to the event. Malcolm will be providing cookies and cold beverages.

3.   Spring Program
At the LAEC meeting, the Rights & Responsibilities Committee proposed to schedule a panel discussion sometime in April on the topic of Scholarly Communication as a response and continuation of the discussion begun by Clifford Lynch's talk at the Fall Assembly.

Ann asked for volunteers to work with Rights & Responsibilities on this program and Jennifer and Annie Jo volunteered.

Alix also mentioned that Kathy Rutter may be interested because of her role in trying to get a program together with Sid Berger from Simmons to talk about non-Google digitization projects and possibly incorporate Sid in the panel discussion.

Everything is in the initial stages so we don't know quite yet what form the event will take.

4. Spring Programs and & Librarians' Assembly
We talked about the LAEC calendar of forthcoming events which has at least two events each month until May.

The Spring Assembly will be probably held in early May and will serve as a farewell talk and reception for Sidney Verba.

5.   PDC Website
Since Michael did a reorganization of the content and brought the site up to date to include the Professional Development Links and Conference Calendar, he's asking for evaluation and suggestions from the committee.

Michael asked whether Wadsworth House was any closer on developing a style for the overall website scheme and Alix said that Jason Pannone was working on something but never got anywhere with Peter from Wadsworth.   LAEC may need to follow up with Peter to see what is going on in this area.

Michael will send out a HULINFO message in February to point users to our website for the links and calendaring function.

6.   Next Meeting
The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, February 13 th at 9:30 AM in the Special Collections Room of the Library at the Graduate School of Design.

7.   Adjournment
The meeting adjourned at 11:30 AM

Respectfully submitted,
Michael L. Bradford

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