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Minutes of the Professional Development Committee Meeting

Special Collections Room, Frances Loeb Library
February 13, 2007

Present:   Michael Austin, Michael Bradford (co-chair), Jia-Lin Jin, Alix Reiskind (minutes), Kathleen Sheehan, Inés Zalduendo
Absent:   Jennifer Beauregard, Annie Jo Cain, Ann Robinson, Kathy Rutter

1.   Bryant Fellowship --

Inés reported on the Bryant Fellowship.   They sent a reminder announcement over the HULINFO list last Friday, Feb 9, the due date for applications is Friday, Feb 16.   The Bryant Fellowship Committee, Inés, Michael A. and a previous recipient, will meet the week of Feb 26 th to review and discuss the applications.   An announcement of recipients will be made in early April.

2.   Program on Scholarly Communication --

This program is being jointly sponsored by PDC and Rights & Responsibilities.   The program is planned for Friday, April 20, 2p – 3.30p, in the Lamont Forum Room.   The speaker will be Dan Moriarty, Senior Associate Provost and Chief Information Officer.   His talk will serve as a response to Clifford Lynch's talk at the Fall Librarians' Assembly meeting.

3.   PDC Web Site, Professional Development Links

Michael B. sent an announcement of this new portion of the site out on HULINFO on Feb 7.   He has received positive feedback including people sending additional links to add.   One suggestion was a separate list of organizations with conference dates as an alternative to searching for this information on the calendar.   We will explore this suggestion further.   The June calendar is very full and Michael B. is exploring different ways of organizing all of this information.   He is keeping track of announcements on list-servs.   We discussed the possibility of adding links to blogs and podcasts.

4.   Programs for next year

Began brainstorming program ideas for the next academic year – ideas include,

•  Sid Berger lecture
•  Continue the Bryant Lecture series of talks by past recipients
•  Explore another Harvard Depository tour (discuss with Wadsworth House)

Decided we would like to look at the results from last year's survey to gather more ideas for future programs.   Inés will contact Craig Thomas about locating those results.

Next meeting:   TBA

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