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Minutes of the Professional Development Committee Meeting

January 8 , 2008
Radcliffe Room, Schlesinger Library

Present:  Michael Austin, Jennifer Beauregard, Michael Bradford, Annie Jo Cain, Jia-Lin Jin, Marilyn Morgan, Ann Robinson, Inés Zalduendo, Erin Wise

Absent:  Kathy Rutter, Kathleen Sheehan

  1. Spring Events
    1. Academic Library Fundraising – We had to delay because our message got hijacked by Peter at Wadsworth for three days.  Peggy was fine with this.  Jennifer will be sending out a message soon about the new date – Feb 1st – 12-2 in the Forum Room.
    2. iSites Training – We just need to coordinate Noah Selsby’s schedule/availability with the availability of the instruction room at Lamont during intercession.
    3. The Bryant Brown Bag will January 9th in the Forum Room.


  1. Other Planning – Michael briefly talked about the poll results and was going to summarize the poll and send the results to the committee, we can further discuss the results at the February Meeting
  2. Next Meeting:  Tuesday, February 12th, 9:30-11:00 (hahahaha) in the Special Collections Room at the Loeb Library of the GSD

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