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Minutes of the Professional Development Committee Meeting

February 12 , 2008
Gropius Room, Frances Loeb Library, Graduate School of Design

Present:  Michael Austin, Michael Bradford, Annie Jo Cain, Jia-Lin Jin, Ann Robinson, Kathy Rutter, Kathleen Sheehan, Inés Zalduendo, Erin Wise

Absent:  Jennifer Beauregard, Marilyn Morgan

  1. Fundraising Event Review

There were close to 25 people in attendance from all over the university.  Peggy Molander gave an overview of fundraising and gave examples of how librarians can help in the process of attracting donors.  There were a lot of questions.  For example some asked about the Friends of the Library program and how that brings in funds.  Another person asked about increasing chairs for librarians.  Others had questions about how they can get money raised for their programs or just get on the fundraising agenda when donors are approached.

  1. Bryant Update

Deadline is this Friday, Feb. 15th.  There was a lot of interest at the brown bag, and people have been asking questions but no applications have come in as of yet.  It was past experience that people will submit their applications at the last minute and some are held up because of references.  Michael is going to send a final HULINFO reminder this week.

  1. Poll Review and Programming Ideas
    1. HD Tour – Karen Carlson Young (Chair of Librarians’ Assembly) met with Barbara Graham and brought up the idea of an HD tour because of the overwhelming request for it in the PDC poll.


Barbara Graham will meet with Tom Schneiter on Friday and Karen is to contact her afterwards.  Barbara’s thinking is to host two tours sometime this spring.

In the past, ULC wanted a say on who gets to go on the tour to make sure the “right people” (quote) are going.  There is precedence give to people whose jobs are most closely related with HD.

Karen said that the spring tours may be by invitation only.  We expressed concern about limiting attendance to managers, since many staff at different levels contribute to HD. It might be a good idea to either have a third tour, or reserve half of each tour for staff who express interest, rather than all attendees being selected by the administration.

We will see after the Feb. 15 meeting between Barbara Graham and Tom Schneiter.


    1. Baker Library Tour – we are thinking about a mid-April sponsored tour after the official 100th anniversary of HBS.  Erin will check with the tour committee about potential dates.  We would like a midday tour so that folks can enjoy the HBS cafeteria setting for lunch prior or after the tour, which would last about an hour.
    1. Countway – there was interest in a tour at Countway from the poll, and it was the thinking of the committee that we hold off on a Countway tour until the fall.  Participants could take the M2 shuttle over to Countway.


    1. Web 2.0 / Social Software program - this was one of the topics that garnered interest in the poll.  The committee discussed Facebook and its prevalence today with students.  Michael Bradford is going to start planning for this program, maybe late spring.  Michael will contact Beth Brainard from HCL who writes the HCL 2.0 blog.
  1. Website updates – none


  1. Other business

Because she was absent from the meeting, the committee decided that Marilyn Morgan would give the next annual Bryant Fellowship Lecture on her 2007 winning topic:  Changing Channels: Money, the Media, Sport, and Gender Identity, 1900-1936.  Marilyn will get back to us with some dates that she can be available to give her lecture.  Last year’s inaugural lecture by Barbara Mitchell was a huge success, so we are going to try and continue the lectures annually.

  1. Next Meeting:  Tuesday, March 11th, 9:30-11:00 at HCL Technical Services, 625 Mass. Ave. in Central Square

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