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Minutes of the Professional Development Committee Meeting

March 11 , 2008
HCL Technical Services/625 Mass. Ave.

Present:  Jennifer Beauregard, Michael Bradford, Annie Jo Cain, Jia-Lin Jin, Ann Robinson, Kathy Rutter, Inés Zalduendo

Absent:  Michael Austin, Marilyn Morgan, Kathleen Sheehan, Erin Wise

  1. Bryant Fellowship Update

There were five applicants, one of which dropped out and the committee chose two winners.  Annie Jo is sending the winners names to Wadsworth House to send the award letter.

Michael will e-mail Greg Sensing at Wadsworth in April to remind them that all the members of PDC get invited to the Bryant Lunch at the Faculty Club, which is usually held in mid-May.

  1. Tour Updates
    1. HD Tour

There will be an HD tour, tentatively set for June 18th with two tours happening.  However, the selection of members will be done by ULC.  There will probably not be any big HULINFO announcement about it.  It was suggested that PDC send ULC a memo about the background of the tour with regards to the programming interest poll and the overwhelming response.  In the memo, PDC can suggest to ULC a set of criteria that makes the selection of tour attendees more open.

Michael will work on a draft and send it around to the committee before sending it to the ULC through Barbara Graham at Wadsworth.

    1. Baker Tour

Erin has not gotten a response from the Baker Tour people as to our suggestion for a tour in April after the 100th Anniversary of HBS.  She is going to get back to us as soon as she hears something.

  1. Spring Event Ideas
    1. Web 2.0 program

Michael e-mailed Beth Brainard from HCL who writes the HCL 2.0 blog to invite her to give a presentation on web 2.0, but she is booked solid this spring.  She mentioned that we could use the blog for presentation and ideas and that she was attending a web 2.0 conference in April and would be updating the blog.

It was suggested to contact Enrique Diaz, who is also involved with that.  He did a presentation to the MetaPAC committee on the redesign of the HCL website.  Michael is going to get in touch with him and see if he’d be interested and if he would like to invite other colleagues for co-presentation or panel discussion.  We’re hoping to pull this program off this spring but may be a summertime event or early fall.

    1. Bryant Lecture

Marilyn Morgan, 2007 Bryant recipient has agreed to give a presentation based on her research conducted under the Bryant Fellowship.  The program will be Thursday, May 1st, 3-4 pm in the Forum Room.

Because of Marilyn’s topic, the committee wants to ask Wadsworth if it would be okay to invite HURA folks through Malcolm Hamilton.  Michael will take this up with Karen/LAEC and through Peter when he asks for the save the date message for HULINFO.

The HULINFO message is exactly worded as from last year, which was re-worded by Wadsworth, so we should not have any problems with the language not passing.

    1. Open Access publishing for humanities monographs

There was a discussion of a new initiative in Europe about open access publishing for monographs in humanities and social sciences.  The committee will keep an eye out for developments, especially when it the program takes off in the fall.

  1. Other business


  1. Next Meeting
    Tuesday, April 8, 2008, 9:30-11:00 am at the Cabot Science Library

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