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Minutes of the Professional Development Committee Meeting

April 8 , 2008
Small Group Instruction Room, Cabot Library

Present:  Michael Austin, Jennifer Beauregard, Michael Bradford, Annie Jo Cain, Jia-Lin Jin, Marilyn Morgan, Kathy Rutter, Kathleen Sheehan

Absent:  Ann Robinson, Erin Wise, Inés Zalduendo

  1. Bryant Winners


Michael Bradford e-mailed Greg Sensing at Wadsworth to remind them that all the members of PDC get invited to the Bryant Lunch at the Faculty Club, which is usually held in mid-May.

Marilyn’s Bryant program is Thursday, May 1st 3-4pm at Lamont Forum Room.

  1. HD Tour

Michael passed around the proposed memo after the March meeting and with suggestions from LAEC, namely suggesting that ULC create a regular tour schedule, was added and delivered to Karen Carlson-Young to forward to Barbara Graham.

Michael will inquire with Karen as to any feedback from the memo, but people should keep an eye out for feedback from their directors.


  1. Baker Tour

Thursday, May 8th 1:00/1:30 ish.  Erin Wise is going to nail down an exact time and if there are restrictions on participants.  She’ll also find out how long the tour will last.

Michael Bradford will add the tour to the HUL calendar and send a message to Peter at Wadsworth for HULINFO approval.

  1. Web 2.0 program

Michael had a hard time getting a hold of a contact at HCL and with the programs we are scheduling for the spring, can hold off until the fall.

  1. Next Meeting – Tues., May 13th, 9:30 am at Widener 145.

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