Professional Development Committee

Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

October 9, 1998

Present: Jeffrey Beall, James Cheng, Betsy Eggleston, Malcolm Hamilton, Kevin Lau, Hugh Olmsted, Wendy Thomas (chair & recording)

Absent: Bob Keating

The first meeting of the PDC began with introductions of new members, selection of a minute-taker, and circulation of the membership roster.

PDC charge
The committee then reviewed its charge, as listed on the HUL/PDC web site:
&nsph&nsph The Professional Development Committee develops programs of broad educational interest to the library community--often co-sponsoring with other groups both within and outside the library. Most recently, these programs, like the Spring Technology Fair, have focused on both technology and management issues. The Committee manages the Bryant Fellowship program, which annually makes awards in support of research by Harvard librarians. In addition, the committee will explore the possibility of working with Simmons GSLIS in order to offer C.E courses for Harvard Librarians and will plan a 1-day career fair for the fall '98 term on M.S. and Ph.D. programs in library science.

The last sentence was discussed at length, and it was later agreed to remove it, as it is more accurately an assignment, and not a charge.

To address the first part of this assignment, Wendy will contact Simmons Dean James Mattarazzo and Bill Mayer of the Harvard Business School to find out if we can get the Simmons continuing education brochure distributed to all HUL librarians, not just those who attended Simmons.  Malcolm reported that the Center for Training and Development program on November 20, Library Careers at Harvard, would fit the description of the second part of the assignment.

Review of past activities and future plans
Next, the committee reviewed its activities over the last two years, for the benefit of new members, and to plan for future programming.  Everyone agreed that the 1997 Spring Technology Program was too intensive.  That program offered two sessions a day for five consecutive days, and although there was a fair amount of interest, senior librarians had concern about the amount of time involved in attending the program, and committee members felt it was a lot of work.  The 1998 format of three events held during the month of March was preferable.  Malcolm explained that the technology program was Dale Flecker's idea several years ago, and that the committee was asked to pursue this because at the time there was a genuine need for technology training for Harvard librarians who could not attend professional conferences.  Betsy said that more HCL librarians are getting professional support now, and Wendy commented that the plans for HOLLIS II and the digital library will certainly involve a lot of technology training sessions this year.

The committee agreed to consider other topics this year, such as preservation and change management.  Betsy described a preservation training seminar with Nancy Schrock, and Malcolm mentioned conservation programming by Elizabeth Morse and Pam ???. Jeffrey suggested we consider getting in touch with Gary King, Head of the Harvard-MIT Data Center, who is working on collection development for electronic resources.  Wendy brought up the possibility of having Juliet Schor speak for us; she has a new book out, The overspent American: upscaling, downshifting, and the new consumer (New York : Basic Books, c1998.)  James mentioned that ARL consultant Maureen Sullivan would be spending time at Yenching this year; Malcolm remarked that he knows her and she might be a possible speaker for us, as would Susan Jurow of CUPA, who did a creativity session at a recent conference Malcolm attended. Kevin suggested that we consider the changing role of the librarian as a topic, and Hugh urged that we come up with other topics as well.

Malcolm will contact Dale Flecker and Tracy Robinson at OIS to determine what they are planning for HOLLIS II and digital library training this year.

Wendy will get in touch with Juliet Schor to ask her if she would speak again.

Wendy will also ask Mary Beth Clack what her group (HCL Standing Ctte. on Staff and Organizational Development) is planning this year, and if her group would be interested in co-sponsoring Juliet Schor.

All committee members are urged to think of other topic areas for programming.

1. Bryant Fellowship
Next the committee described the Bryant Fellowship process. Betsy reviewed the schedule for the Bryant Fellowship:  the application deadline is February 1st; announcements usually begin in December. Committee members suggested earlier, stronger publicity this year.  Suggestions included getting in touch with past recipients to schedule a brown bag lunch in January, a few weeks before the deadline, to which all HUL staff would be invited; and putting the application and list of past recipients up on our web site.  Kevin suggested that we ask past recipients for a short paragraph describing their experience.  Betsy and Hugh will work on the Bryant Fellowship this year.

2. Meeting Management Seminar
Wendy announced that all PDC members are invited to a Meeting Management Seminar on October 29, from 9:00am-12:00pm.  Although Wendy will not be able to attend, she urges all PDC members to take advantage of this opportunity.  She will ask Scott Britton, who is organizing this, to invite PDC members directly.  Malcolm mentioned that if this seminar is a success, it might be something we would want to repeat for a wider audience.

November 20th Next, Malcolm briefly described the November 20th Library Careers at Harvard session which is sponsored by the Center for Training and Development.

PDC web site
The committee discussed the PDC web site, and Kevin Lau volunteered to work on this.  Jeffrey Beall will help him and will provide the necessary passwords.  We will remove the last sentence from our charge, add the new roster of members, and delete the information about last year's technology fair.  Kevin will work with Betsy and Hugh to get information about the Bryant Fellowship on the web site. Malcolm mentioned that Timothy Hanke's replacement will most likely be given the responsibility of redesigning the HUL home page and that the librarians' handbook that is on the home page will be updated.

Future meetings
The committee scheduled its next meeting for Friday, November 20, at 9:15.  The meeting will be held in the Schlesinger Library's fourth floor conference room; at least one future meeting will be held at Countway and/or Baker.

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