Professional Development Committee

Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

November 2, 1998

Present: Jeffrey Beall, James Cheng, Malcolm Hamilton, Kevin Lau (recording), Wendy Thomas (chair)

Absent: Elizabeth Eggleston, Pat Johnson, Hugh Olmsted

Agenda review:
1. Selection of minute taker:
The selection of the minute taker was agreed upon with a reverse alphabetical order. Since Wendy Thomas was the recorder for the first PDC meeting and Hugh Olmsted was absent, Kevin Lau was next in line as recorder for this current PDC meeting.

2. Meeting Management Seminar:
Report on the October 29th Meeting Management Seminar was very favorable. Total participants was around 20-25 individuals. Bill Mayer gave the event rave reviews.

3. Executive Committee/Librarians Assembly:
Wendy Thomas gave an update of the Executive Committee/Librarians Assembly. Malcolm Hamilton will be giving a brief history of "how the assembly came to be." Sid gave a suggestion about a possible program this Spring on the topic of Internet rights and copy rights. Malcolm also suggested Robert Domim for speaking about this topic and the possiblity that the event could be repeated in the Spring.

4. Web site:
Kevin Lau updated the PDC on the redesigning and updating of the committee's web page. Updates included information abouth the Bryant Fellowship with links to a list of past winners and the application form. The URL for the PDC site is:

5. Bryant Fellowship:
Wendy Thomas talked about a time table for this year's Bryant Fellowship grant, with agreed application deadline for February 1, 1999. The idea of a January lunch time Brown Bag with speakers from past recipients was discussed. Kevin Lau volunteered to join the approving committee for the Bryant Fellowship with current members, Elizabeth and Hugh.

6. Juliet Schor presentation:
Wendy Thomas reported that Juliet Schor, the author of the current novel "The over spent American" was very interested in giving a presentation. Possible date suggested was January 4 or sometime before the end of the month. Other time slots included Jan. 11th with an afternoon time frame. It was suggested that the human resource group should be invited to the presentation.

7. Meeting with Mary Beth Clack:
Wendy reported that Mary Beth Clack,with the Staff Organization Stirring Committee, would be willing to co-host Juliet Schor. Other future speaker suggested was James O'Donnell, author of "Avatars of the Word: From Papyrus to Cyberspace," for a presentation co-sponsored by PDC for late February or early March.

8. Panel on internation activities:
Suggestions included how librarians are incorporating international activity into their work or involved with special projects that the individual librarians are interacting with international work. Focus should be on individual librarian and international work, whether it is for professional use, personal interest, or overall good for librarianship...e.g. liason work. PDC stamps approval for Elizabeth Eggleston to continue her investigation of these activities.

9. Simmons brochure:
Wendy Thomas reported that the Simmons brochure mailing has been currently postponed.

10. Gary King:
Jeffrey Beall reported that Gary King, a Harvard faculity member who is very interested in electronic collection development in the Harvard College library, could be a potential speaker. His speciality is in electronic data. Suggested dates could be in late March, April, or May. Jeff will look into this and report any development in a future PDC meeting.

11. New member:
Wendy Thomas announced a new member to the PDC committee from Baker Library, Patricia Johnson - Head of Cataloging.

Future meeting:
The committee scheduled its next meeting for Friday, January 8, 1999 at 9:15am.  The meeting will be held in the Countway Library's fifth floor conference room.

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