Professional Development Committee

Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

April 2, 1999

Present: Jeffrey Beall, Elizabeth Eggleston, Malcolm Hamilton, Pat Johnson (recorder), Kevin Lau, Hugh Olmsted, Wendy Thomas (chair)

Absent: Pat Johnson

Agenda review:
The minutes of the February 5, 1999 meeting were approved with minor corrections.

Bryant Fellowship Update:
Fellowships have been awarded to two people: Karen Nipps, Senior Rare Book Cataloger at the Houghton, and Katherine Martinez, Librarian of the Fine Arts Library.

Ms. Nipps will use her award to ready her manuscript Lydia R. Bailey : a checklist of her imprints, 1808-1861 for publication. Lydia Bailey was a leading early nineteenth century printer in Philadelphia.

Ms. Martinez will use her reward to continue her research on Visual Culture at Home and the Picture Trade in America, 1870-1920 at the Library of Congress. Ms. Martinez's research focuses on the use of commercial art in decorating living space in late nineteenth and early twentieth century America.

The next issue of Library Notes will contain an article on the Bryant Fellowship winners; the actual awards will be given at the May Librarians' Luncheon.

Malcolm will have Patricia Brennan, editor of Library Notes, contact Kevin Lau to coordinate an announcement on the PDC web site.

Betsy will add to the Fellowship guidelines information about holding a brown bag lunch in the early fall each year to discuss the Bryant Fellowship and the application process.

The entire committee expressed its thanks for a job well done to Betsy, Kevin, and Hugh, the Bryant Fellowship Sub-Committee.

Gary King Program:
The flyers announcing this program on April 8 have been sent out. Wendy has done the first notice on hulinfo; there will be a second hulinfo notice on April 5 and a final notice on the morning of the program. Jeffrey will introduce Dr. King.

International Librarian Program:
The panel discussion has been scheduled for May 21 from 2 to 3:30 PM in the Lamont Forum Room. Refreshments will be served. Betsy invited suggestions for a title for the panel; Harvard Librarians - International Connections seemed a likely choice. Betsy will get the date on the HUL Calendar ASAP. She will also organize a meeting among the panelists in advance to settle the details and logistics of the program. Wendy will do the flyer mailing.

Malcolm, Betsy, and Wendy will work on a survey instrument to gather information about other activities Harvard library staff are involved in that we might want to publicize. Malcolm will talk with Patricia Brennan, who's thinking of doing a similar survey, about doing a series of articles in Library Notes spotlighting extracurricular activities of individual Harvard library staff. These would set the stage for a survey this fall that will help identify other library staff engaged in interesting extracurricular activities.

Committee on Instruction and Library Use (CILU) Co-Sponsorship Proposal:
The Committee agreed to co-sponsor with the CILU a program on presentation skills by Nancy Houfek, the voice and speech coach for the American Repertory Theater. The Charles Tannenbaum Fund for Professional Development will cover the $500 cost. CILU will organize the program and do the publicity for it.

University Library Council (ULC) Meeting on April 15, 1999:
Wendy will be unable to attend this meeting. Bill Mayer, President of the Executive Committee of the Librarians Assembly, has offered to make a report to the ULC on our behalf.
The Committee agreed. Wendy will prepare a brief report on our activities this year as well as any issues or concerns we feel the ULC should be aware of. Jeffrey raised a concern that middle managers and supervisors need to take a more active role in promoting professional development activities among the staff who report to them. It is the PDC's observation that this doesn't happen to the extent that it should. The Committee agreed that this concern should be included in Wendy's report to the ULC. Hugh suggested that Wendy also report to the ULC that we are setting things up for next year's PDC so they won't have to start from a standstill.

Next Year's PDC:
Three committee members terms end this spring: Wendy, Betsy, and Jeffrey. Betsy would like another three-year term. Since the PDC is supposed to have 9 members, that means we will need 5 new members.

Next Meeting:
The next meeting will be held on May 7 at 9:15. Place to be announced. This should be the final meeting of the year.

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