Professional Development Committee

Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

May 5, 1999

Present: Jeffrey Beall (recording), Betsy Eggleston, Malcolm Hamilton, Pat Johnson, Kevin Lau, Hugh Olmsted, Wendy Thomas (chair)

Agenda review:
1. The minutes from the April 2, 1999 meeting were read and approved.

2. Wendy gave an update on the most recent ULC meeting. She was away on vacation and the report from our committee was made by Bill Mayer. Forty-five minutes were given to the Librarians' Assembly committees at the ULC meeting. The Executive Committee of the Assembly floated the idea of changing the Rights & Responsibilities Committee from a standing committee to a committee that was constituted only when needed, but the ULC rejected the idea.

They also talked about diversity among Harvard Librarians, not only racial diversity, but diversity in the broadest sense. The ULC discussed the idea of programming for librarians in the area of diversity, programs that would be administered by this committee. Malcolm indicated that ARL sponsors some diversity workshops.

3. Jeffrey reported on the talk given by Prof. Gary King and sponsored by the committee. It was a huge success, with around 100 librarians attending. The talk was very well received and a summary will appear in a future issue of HUL Notes.

4. Besty Eggleston reported on the panel discussion entitled Librarians in Service to Libraries Around the World to be held on May 21, 1999 At 2:00-3:30 PM, in the Lamont Forum Room. A panel of four Harvard librarians who have used their expertise in support of foreign libraries with limited resources or in crisis will speak. The panelists will be Dan Hazen, Hugh Olmsted, Andras Riedlmayer, and Danila Terpanjian. This event is sponsored by the Professional Development committee.

5. Wendy reported that on Tuesday, June 8, 9:30 - 12:30, in the Lamont Library Forum Room, The Committee on Instruction and Library Use (CILU), our Committee, and the HCL Reference and Research Instruction Council (RRIC) are co- sponsoring a workshop on Teaching as Performance. Nancy Houfek, the voice and speech coach for the American Repertory Theatre, will be the presenter.

6. Wendy reported on a suggestion by Julie Wetherill of OIS that the Committee sponsor networked electronic titles in library literature, such as Library Journal's Electronic Newswire. The committee could pay for such a service (out of professional development monies), but it would be up to OIS to mount the resources. Wendy will talk to Julie more about this.

Malcolm suggested that the Committee might want to provide a TOC service for librarians. He indicated that this type of service is provided for other communities here at Harvard, such as the HR community.

7. Plans for next year's Committee. Jeffrey, Betsy, and Wendy are ending their three-year terms on the committee. Betsy has agreed to serve another three years. Betsy was unanimously elected to serve as chair next year. Returning members will be Pat Johnson, Kevin Lau, and Hugh Olmsted. There will be five positions available on the committee in the coming year. The current members of the committee make the following recommendations to next year's committee: The "Bryant Brown Bag Lunch" was a success and should be repeated. This was an informal information session for people interested in applying for the Bryant Fellowship. Sending out the Simmons continuing education brochures to non-Simmons alums was a good idea. However, it would be okay to make the information available in a format other than paper, such as on the Web. It would be beneficial if the HUL homepage could link to the Simmons page.

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