Professional Development Committee

Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

September 24, 1999

Present: Jeffrey Bernhard (recorder), Elizabeth Eggleston (chair), Malcolm Hamilton, Kevin Lau, Micaela Morales, Karen Nipps, Hugh Olmsted, Janet Rutan, Anne Tanguay

Absent: Pat Johnson

The first meeting of the PDC began with a welcome from Elizabeth Eggleston and the introductions of the new and past members. The selection of the minute-taker was also done at this time.

Review of PDC charge:
The PDC Charge was read by Elizabeth Eggleston and reviewed.
&nsph&nsph The Professional Development Committee develops programs of broad educational interest to the library community-often co-sponsoring with other groups both within and outside the library. Most recently, these programs, like the Spring Technology Fair, have focused on both technology and management issues. The Committee manages the Bryant Fellowship program, which annually makes awards in support of research by Harvard librarians.

Review of past activities and future plans:
Next, the committee reviewed its activities over the past years for the benefit of new members, and to plan for future programming. Everyone agreed that whatever is planned this year should be interesting and we should not plan too many different activities because people will loose interest.

A discussion took place as to whether we should have a theme for the year. Many themes were thrown out on the table;

Widener Stacks Renovation or Renovations in general
Archiving Digital Resources
Copyright Laws and Changes
Year 2000 looking forward, looking back
Changing role of the Librarian
Library Architecture
Customer/Patron theme

At the end of this discussion several questions were raised, "Do we need a theme?" If we do come up with a theme could we use this theme for 2 years? These questions were discussed and it was decided that having a theme would be too confining. After a lengthy discussion three topics seemed to come to the top of the list; Collections & Preservation issues, Technology Issues, and International Issues. Also the idea of having no more then 3-4 programs this year.

Subcommittees were setup to discuss these topics further and report back to the entire group the next time we meet.

Collections & Preservation Issues:
Karen Nipps - Leader
Anne Tanguay

Technology Issues:
Jeffrey Bernhard - Leader
Kevin Lau
Janet Rutan
Malcolm Hamilton

International Issues:
Hugh Olmsted - Leader
Elizabeth Eggleston
Micaela Morales

Bryant Fellowship
The committee described the Bryant Fellowship process. Announcements usually begin in December. Committee members suggested earlier, stronger publicity this year. Suggestions included getting in touch with past recipients to schedule a brown bag lunch sometime before the deadline, to which all HUL staff would be invited.

A 3-member panel usually does the judging of the applications. Volunteers from the committee were asked for. Hugh and Kevin volunteered with the third member to be selected at a later date.

Future meetings
The next three meeting were decided upon by the committee. It was also decided that the location of these meeting should be at a different site each time. Elizabeth will let all members know where the meeting will take place. The meeting schedule is as follows:

October 22nd 2:00
November 19th 2:00
December 17th 2:00

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