Professional Development Committee

Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

October 22, 1999

Present: Jeffrey Bernhard, Elizabeth Eggleston (chair), Kevin Lau, Karen Nipps (recorder), Hugh Olmsted, Janet Rutan, Anne Tanguay

Absent: Malcolm Hamilton, Micaela Morales

Small changes to the September minutes were made and the minutes approved.

Betsy referred to the minutes of the most recent Library Assembly Executive Committee meeting, which she will be forwarding to PD members via email. She also reported that Pat Johnson was resigning from the committee and said she would speak with Scott about recruiting some new members.

Each of the three program subcommittees reported on their activities. Karen and Anne presented information on the proposed programs focusing on collections' conservation issues. It was agreed that the programs should focus on consciousness-raising through presentations on the problems and possible solutions to those problems. Karen is scheduled to meet with Jan Merrill-Oldham and her staff in November about the idea of having the preservation staff of the University present either a program on the current state of conservation efforts at HU or perhaps some tours of the various preservation facilities. Karen will contact Scott about the LA's hopes to get Nicholson Baker to speak; she will also look into the possibility of getting Nicholas Basbane to speak. Hugh will contact Richard Thomas about his interest in addressing the staff on the faculty's perspective. It is hoped that the programs can be set up for the end of March or beginning of April.

Janet and Jeff, as two members of the technology subcommittee, put forward the proposal that the committee sponsor a program on OIS. This might include a survey of its history, its services and projects, its relationships with other technology units at the university, and its ideas about the future. The committee enthusiastically approved this proposal and Janet will approach OIS about putting on such a program in December. The idea that this might be a jointly sponsored program with the LA Communications Committee will also be pursued.

Betsy and Hugh presented the findings of the subcommittee on international issues. Two ideas seem particularly attractive. One is to have a program featuring Harvard librarians who have served in foreign libraries speak on their experiences; the other is to have Harvard librarians speak about their service to international patrons. Betsy will be putting out a couple of announcements on the listservs and perhaps HUL Notes calling for volunteers to participate in these programs with an eye to having these programs sometime last in the spring.

Betsy has been in touch with the General Counsel's office about redoing a program on copyright and literary property that they presented to the university with an additional focus on how these issues affect librarians. The committee focused on February as a good time for this program.

Hugh reported on the Bryant Fellowship. He will be putting announcements about this year's fellowship opportunities on the listservs, the committee web page, and in HUL Notes very soon. He will be rewriting the announcement slightly. The committee is planning to schedule the brown bag lunch in which previous recipients talk about their projects for mid-January.

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