Professional Development Committee

Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

January 21, 2000

Present: Jeffrey Bernhard, Elizabeth Eggleston (chair), Karen Nipps, Hugh Olmstead, Janet Rutan (recorder), Anne Tanguay

Absent: Malcolm Hamilton, Kevin Lau, Micaela Morales

The minutes for the November meeting were not distributed. Kevin Lau took the minutes of the November meeting and Betsy will contact him regarding the status of the minutes.

Lucy Barron announced that she is leaving Harvard for a position at the Library of Congress.

There was a brief discussion of the impending program to be held on Jan. 26th: The continuing evolution of OIS. Betsy will send out a reminder on HULINFO the morning of Jan. 25th. Betsy will discuss with Malcolm if funds are available for refreshments.

Bryant Fellowship:
Hugh reported on the Brown Bag Luncheon held on Jan. 12. The Luncheon had a modest number of attendees. At the Luncheon, Hugh presented a brief history of the Fellowship. To date there are no applicants for funding this year. The Committee discussed updates to the Fellowship web site and Betsy will contact Kevin Lau, since he is responsible for updating the web site. The Committee agreed that for future Luncheons a reminder would be sent out via HULINFO the day before the scheduled date. Hugh will send out a reminder on HULINFO regarding the due date for applications for funding this year.

Copyright seminar:
Betsy and Ann reported on their meeting with Alan Ryan from General Counsel regarding the program on copyright issues for librarians. He will focus on the provisions of the copyright act that apply to libraries including electronic reserves and liability issues as applicable to librarians. He will distribute copies of a pamphlet that the Council makes available on copyright issues. The program will be held March 1 from 10-12 in the Lamont Forum Room. Since ALA is offering an online course on copyright, it was agreed to somehow piggyback our program with the online course. Janet will contact Helen Schmierer for more information. Ann Taguay will send a brief notice on the program to Patricia Brennan for inclusion in the next update to the Library Calendar.

The Committee discussed our options for taping the January and March programs. Jeff Bernhard will look into the possibility of taping programs held in the Lamont Forum Room.

Preservation Program:
The Committee discussed the final program for this academic year: the preservation program to be held in conjunction with the Preservation Office. Karen discussed her proposal that she sent to Jan Merrill Oldham. Karen discussed Jan's suggestion that the program include a 2-hour open house with stations setup in the Preservation Office. The focus of the program will be on the relevancy of Harvard's preservation program to our jobs as librarians. The final date for this program has not been set, but the Committee agreed that it should take place sometime in April or May. Karen will forward to committee members a copy of her proposal to Jan Merrill-Oldham.

New Projects:
Since next year is the 25th anniversary of the Bryant Fellowship, the Committee agreed that next fall would be an appropriate time to mount an exhibit of past recipients of the Fellowship. Peter Accardo of Houghton Library has offered to help with the exhibit. We discussed the possibility of the exhibit being mounted in Pusey because of a moratorium on exhibits in Widener due to the renovation. Hugh will contact Pam Matz, Curator of exhibitions in the College Library for input and ideas. This potential program raised many questions: Who will be responsible for contacting the past winners? What are the specific tasks involved in the preparation of an exhibit? The Committee decided that we need to know first if the exhibit space in Pusey will be available in Nov. 2000. Karen and Hugh will work on the list of tasks associated with this type of project and will report back to the Committee.

Betsy mentioned that the Executive Committee is considering a program on the identity of librarians not doing traditional library work or not working in a library. The committee agreed that this would be a worthwhile program and identified possible speakers for a panel discussion.

Betsy reported that Malcolm would continue as a member of the Committee.

Future meeting:
Feb. 18th from 2-3:30 in the Gropius Room of the Loeb Library.

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