Professional Development Committee

Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

February 18, 2000

Present: Jeffrey Bernhard, Elizabeth Eggleston (chair), Karen Nipps, Janet Rutan, Anne Tanguay (recorder)

Absent: Malcolm Hamilton, Kevin Lau, Micaela Morales, Hugh Olmstead

Minutes of the January 21, 2000 meeting were approved.

OIS Presentation, January 26, 2000 - Follow-up:
All agreed that this was a successful program. It went very well and there was a great turnout. The presentation has been put on the OIS web site. Betsy has heard that there is interest in hearing more about the history of the Harvard libraries. This could be a potential program for next year. We agreed to send a thank you note from the committee.

Copyright Seminar, March 1, 2000 - Update:
The program has been announced on Hulinfo and on the Library Calendar. Betsy will send a final reminder the morning of the program. As an experiment, Betsy and Anne decided to send only electronic announcements for this program, rather than to send out electronic and paper announcements. It will be interesting to note if attendance is affected. Betsy will confer with Malcolm regarding funds for coffee.

Taping of PDC programs:
Betsy contacted the University AudioVisual Services. They charge $50 to supply equipment and $100 to send a technician and equipment. A discussion of the purpose of taping programs and the use of such tapes followed. We currently have no history of taping programs. We discussed the possibility of recommending that taping equipment be purchased for Lamont Forum Room. Archiving, maintenance, and technical support for tapes are issues which would need to be considered. We agreed that this should be referred to the Executive Committee. Betsy will ask Scott Britton to put in on their agenda. It was agreed that taping of the copyright program would not be feasible.

Bryant Exhibition:
We reviewed the information that Karen gathered regarding available spaces and dates. Dates available for the Pusey corridor would not be good for this exhibit and other exhibition spaces would not work for us. Hugh is looking into other venues. A question was raised as to whether there had already been a Bryant exhibition. It might be better if we considered planning an exhibition for the 30th anniversary. We'd be able to book space at a time more conducive to interesting people in the Bryant Fellowship. Karen will look into future availability of Pusey or the Widener Rotunda.

Preservation Forum:
Karen has sent a proposal for a program to Preservation. It is being discussed there and Karen has not heard back as yet. We agreed that if we can't do this program this year, we've started the ball rolling for the Fall.

International Presentations:
Betsy has sent out an e-mail message to Harvard librarians asking about their international library experiences and has received a variety of responses - work in other countries, exchanges, consultants, IFLA. Betsy will also contact Bridget Reischer, who is in charge of local arrangements for the upcoming IFLA conference, to determine if there is a role the PDC may play. A program to highlight Harvard librarians' professional international activity is still being worked on by Betsy and Hugh. Betsy also mentioned that Micaela Morales has a new job at the Business School and will no longer be on this committee. Janet offered to work with Betsy and Hugh on this program.

Bryant Fellowship:
Betsy reported for Hugh. Two applications have been received and Hugh is waiting for recommendations to come in. Once the applications are complete he will contact Karen and Kevin.

Betsy mentioned that the Executive Committee is considering a program on the identity of librarians not doing traditional library work or not working in a library. The committee agreed that this would be a worthwhile program and identified possible speakers for a panel discussion.

Future meeting:
Friday, March 24, 2-3:30. Lamont Forum Room.

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