Professional Development Committee

Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

April 7, 2000

Present: Elizabeth Eggleston (chair), Karen Nipps (recorder), Malcolm Hamilton, Hugh Olmsted, Janet Rutan, Anne Tanguay

Absent: Jeffrey Bernhard, Kevin Lau

The minutes of the February 18, 2000 meeting were approved with the correction of the spelling of Hugh's last name.

Everyone agreed that the March 1 copyright program, featuring Alan Ryan of the General Counsel, was a great success. Betsy will send him a personal note of thanks.

Discussions about this program lead to the issue of videotaping, discussed in previous meetings. Betsy had videotaped the copyright program as an experiment and reported that the results were less than satisfactory. She also reported that she had taken the committee's recommendation and spoken with the Executive Committee about the idea of videotaping programs. The Executive Committee encouraged the Professional Development Committee to go ahead with videotaping programs if it wanted to and even recommended they put their videos on their website, but tabled any further discussion of video-taping all events put on by HUL committees for a later time.

The committee concluded to not pursue any more videotaping for the time being and decided to hold onto the video of the copyright program without publicizing it. We agreed that there are too many issues relating to permission, privacy, and effort to move forward with this initiative until the Executive Committee makes some decisions relating to it.

Bryant Fellowship:
Hugh reported that two very strong applications had come in and that the committee, consisting of himself, Karen, and Kevin, was in the process of reviewing them. Malcolm agreed that he would get to Hugh the precise figure available for allocation. Subsequent to that, the committee will make a prompt decision in anticipation of having the recipient(s) present their work at the May Librarians' Luncheon.

Web Page:
Betsy pointed out that the Committee's webpage is in dire need of updating. Kevin does not have the time needed to spend on this alone, so Karen agreed to try and help him rework the page. The Committee then made a number of proposals about how the page could be improved.

International librarianship programs:
Betsy updated the Committee on her discussions with various people involved with IFLA's conference in Boston in August 2001. After discussion, the committee decided that a program next fall in which people from Harvard involved in the conference, as well as local arrangements people (specifically Tova Rice at Brown), spoke about their activities would be of considerable interest. One of the intentions of such a program would be to give other Harvard librarians an opening to volunteer for involvement in the summer conference. Betsy will get in touch with Tova and Barbara Graham to see about the feasibility of such a program.

Other Business:
Malcolm mentioned that he was going to be a part of this year's HUL Visiting Committee weekend. This year's focus is renovations, both how they are going and how decision-making about renovations require a great deal of long-term planning in other areas of librarianship, specifically as they relate to technology. He suggested the possibility of a similar program for librarians in the fall. The committee agreed that such a program would hold a great deal of interest for many librarians and Malcolm said he would have a firmer proposal to make after he sees how the weekend, to be held in May, turned out.

Karen reported that she still hadn't heard back from Jan Merrill-Oldham on the subject of a preservation program. This probably means tabling such a program until next year.

Future meeting:
May 19, at 2:00, probably at the Design School.

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