Professional Development Committee

Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

May 12, 2000

Present: Jeffrey Bernhard (recorder), Elizabeth Eggleston (chair), Malcolm Hamilton, Karen Nipps, Hugh Olmsted, Janet Rutan, Anne Tanguay

Absent: Kevin Lau

Minutes of the April 7, 2000 meeting were approved.

Bryant Fellowship - Follow-up:
Karen and Hugh participated in the luncheon for the winner of the Bryant Fellowship. This year's winner was Bryan Sullivan. Both were very impressed with Bryan and felt he was well prepared and articulate when he presented his topic. This year there were two applicants, but one had to be withdrawn do to the fact that this person no longer worked in the Library and therefore was not eligible for the award. If he would have been employed at the time the award was handed out and then left, the committee would not have gone after him to return the award.

Malcolm handed out a brief write-up of the Charles and Mary Tanenbaum fund, which is used for the Bryant Fellowship award.

International Librarianship Panel:
The panel discussion is scheduled for May 19th from 2:00-3:30 in the Forum room. Not sure about the turnout but we will have light refreshments for 30 people. Information about the program was sent to the list and will be sent out again the week of May 12th.

Other Business:
This is the last meeting of this Fiscal Year. Elizabeth will be leaving the committee next year so a new chair was elected. Karen Nipps volunteered and will serve as chairperson for the next Fiscal Year. The committee wishes to extend there thanks to Elizabeth for her hard work and a wonderful job as the chair. You will be missed on the committee!

Karen will call the first meeting sometime in September. Notices will go out late August/early September.

Open issues to be addressed next year
Get in touch with Barbara Graham
Exhibit area for Bryant Fellowship
Preservation presentation program
Professional Librarians - What volunteer work do people do outside the Library?
Invite Mary Beth Clack to talk to the committee (she might have applied to be on committee)
Business of Mentoring - What can be done?

Future meeting:
To be announced by Karen in late August / early September.

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