HOLLIS Plus Today: Garden of Delight or Jungle of Disorder?

Michael Fitzgerald, Lydia Ievins, Julie Wetherill, Kathleen Donovan, Ruth Haas, and Jeffrey Beall
Professional Development Committee
3rd Spring Technology Workshop
Tuesday, March 24, 1998

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Table of Contents

  1. HOLLIS Plus Today: Garden of Delight or Jungle of Disorder? 
  2. Overview 
  3. HOLLIS Plus Working Group 
  4. Proposing a resource 
  5. Resource sponsorship 
  6. Evaluation: financial support 
  7. Evaluation: content appropriateness 
  8. Evaluation: technical issues 
  9. Basic types of access restriction 
  10. Types of access in HOLLIS Plus 
  11. Evaluating a new login resource 
  12. Login vs. IP: some numbers 
  13. The problem with IP restriction 
  14. Solution: proxy the connection 
  15. Evaluating a new IP resource 
  16. Current proxy costs 
  1. HOLLIS Plus Statistics 
  2. HOLLIS Plus traffic: hits per month 
  3. HOLLIS Plus hourly access pattern (01/98) 
  4. Types of resource on HOLLIS Plus 
  5. Usage indicators for HOLLIS Plus resources 
  6. Users of scripted HOLLIS Plus resources (01/98) 
  7. HOLLIS Plus production cycle 
  8. Information gathering 
  9. The Alpha phase 
  10. The Beta phase 
  11. The Production phase 
  12. Cataloging HOLLIS Plus resources 
  13. Using HOLLIS Plus 
  14. Keeping current with HOLLIS Plus resources 
  15. Finding a resource 
  16. Ways to keep users current  

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