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Whole site design

Page design

Color and Graphics


  • Web site setup
  • Tools
  • Security
  • Testing
  • Maintenance
  • User logs



    Site map

  • Implementation -- Testing

    Test Web page usability
    Test the Web site with AT LEAST:

    • a text only browser (such as Lynx)
    • multiple graphical browsers, with:
      • graphics loaded,
      • graphics not loaded,
    • monitors of different size and resolution

    Emulating a 14" monitor
    Getting your oversized monitor to emulate a 15" monitor (On Windows 95: Start/Settings/Control Panel/Display/Settings).

    Test your HTML
    Tidy HTML code insures that your pages are viewed properly by all browsers and in the long run will result in maintenance efficiencies. If you design pages with page layout software and then export HTML, inaccuracies big and small will arise.

    Comments? Contact:
    Scott Britton, or
    Martin Hollick, or
    Julie Wetherill
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