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Whole site design

Page design

  • Page size
  • Layout
  • Backgrounds
  • Typography

    Color and Graphics




    Site map

  • Page Design -- Backgrounds

    Default background color is determined by Web browser
    Page designer can override the default by specifying BGCOLOR=#RRGGBB in the <BODY> tag. But, user can set the browser to ALWAYS override a page's color and background.

    Contrast is important
    Solid background is better than pattern; dark on light or light on dark are better than using background and text colors that are closer in hue. Many HTML editors and page creation software make the assignment of background color easy.

    Use browser-safe colors

    If using background, be careful of high contrast patterns
    Add a background pattern using the background=filename.gif element of the <body> tag. This page is using the file "grbk2.gif" to provide background color. View document source to see the HTML coding.

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