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Whole site design

Page design

Color and Graphics


  • Web site setup
  • Tools
  • Security
  • Testing
  • Maintenance
  • User logs



    Site map

  • Implementation -- Maintenance

    Assign Webmaster responsibilities
    Someone must be responsible for updating your Web site. This may be a group of people. Someone must respond to user feedback. READ AND RESPOND TO THE COMMENTS.

    Establish an update cycle
    Remember to update Web site content. Make a calendar for updating known changes. When you change anything in your unit, ask yourself "Does this affect the web site?"

    Check links
    Your page will change and so will all the others. Make sure your links still connect to active sites and that the sites are still appropriate.

    Site mapping

    File naming and directory structure
    Careful advance planning of your site's directory structure and file naming conventions will prevent problems down the line. When possible, create directory structures with meaningful names to increase accessibility of your site. Same for file naming (e.g., in the file name "hnl0198.html" is the first character the letter L or the number one?)

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