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Whole site design

Page design

  • Page size
  • Layout
  • Backgrounds
  • Typography

    Color and Graphics




    Site map

  • Page Design -- Typography

    Typography on the web is limited
    Times Roman and Courier are standard options. To get courier (fixed size font) use <tt> or <pre> tags. HTML allows you to specify others by using the "FACE=" element of the <font> tag. This text has been marked up as type face "Comic Sans MS".

    Type style options
    Seven relative type sizes. Text color options include <FONT COLOR=#RRGGBB> to set the color of a block of text or <BODY TEXT=#RRGGBB> to set color for all text on the page. Also bold and italic styles (using physical or logical HTML). The <BODY> tag also includes attributes that control the color of hypertext links.

    To view type size options:

    typoGRAPHIC site on typography:

    No control of leading (space between lines) or tracking (space between letters)

    Use graphics for text (sparingly)
    Use graphics for text when you want to go beyond browser limitations on typography.

    Include typographical style in your Style Guide

    Remember browser and system differences
    The browser being used and the fonts available to the microcomputer ultimately determine what will display. Also, screen resolution will affect the relative type size of displaying text.

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