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Whole site design

  • Human - computer interaction
  • Organization
  • Navigation
  • Style guide

    Page design

    Color and Graphics




    Site map

  • Whole site design -- Organization

    Think about how someone might use your site
    What are the major categories of information and services that you want to provide? How have your clients "mapped" the services you offer? What categories will be most recognizable to them?

    Avoid an overwhelming number of choices
    Try to divide your site into between 3 and 7 major sections if possible. If you must include more, provide a site map to make all parts of your site's hierarchy easy to see.

    Keep to a flat hierarchy
    If you make me click 10 times to find the document I need, I'll be annoyed! True, a user can always bookmark a page. But a deep hierarchy makes it harder to initially locate information. Consider offering a keyword search access to your site.

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