Rights & Responsibilities

Minutes of Rights & Responsibilities Meeting

January 20, 1998

Present: Barbara Burg, Malcolm Hamilton, Lawrence Marcus, Susan Milstein (minutes), Kathy Rutter, Lynn Shirey

The meeting focused on further discussion of an updated web version of the HUL Handbook for Librarians. Lawrence informed the group and it will not be possible to put up the handbook on the HUL home-page. Instead OIS will carve a space for the Handbook on the OIS server with a link to the HUL home-page. Since making changes to the OIS server normally involves going through a mediator which can be slow and cumbersome, OIS will give give the Committee chairs of the Librarians Assemby a password which will provide direct FTP access to the server. This will enable the R & R Committee to either move or change files easily.

Most of the discussion was a continuation of the previous month's meeting regarding the format and content of the revised Handbook. It was agreed that Ken Carpenter would be asked to update the history of HUL to the present. Lawrence proposed the idea of section leaders to be responsible for updating each section of the existing Handbook as necessary. Ardys Kozbial has agreed to be the leader for section 1. Barbara Burg volunteered to be the leader for section 2 which the committee feels needs to be revised. Susan Milstein agreed to head section 3.

The remainder of the meeting was as discussion of possible links to web-sites both within and outside of Harvard.

Next meeting: February 17, 1998, 3:00 p.m. at Wadsworth House, conference room.

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