Rights & Responsibilities

Minutes of Rights & Responsibilities Meeting

March 4, 1998

Lynn(chair), Susan, Ardys, Lynda, Nancy, Scott (notes)

The meeting covered the proposal by the Librarians' Assembly Executive Committee that the R&R Committee review the Report by the Ad-Hoc Committee on Rights and Responsibilities (Carpenter Report) and the 1997 follow-up report by the Ad Hoc Committee to review the Carpenter recommendations.

It was noted that several recommendations had been enacted. The President or Provost now participates in the assemblies; the PIQ program was reviewed and matrices were rewritten to reflect more accurately what librarians do; and the ULC recently approved the proposal by their Professional Development and Recognition Task Group of a five year pilot project for professional leave. The ULC created both a standing committee and an advisory task force that will focus on position analysis implementation. And finally, Library representatives on University benefits sub-committees as well as the newly formed Librarians' Assembly Benefits Committee provide the means to gather and disseminate information about benefits. In addition to the membership on sub-committees, the R&R Committee would like to have a librarian appointed to the University Benefits Committee.

Most of the remaining recommendations involve the ULC. These include communicating librarians' issues to the Deans, developing upward and downward communications with librarians, and routinely reporting activities and discussions. It was decided that the ULC should be asked if they accepted these recommendations. If they did, then they will be asked to report on their activities at the next assembly. The two newly formed position-analysis groups will be asked to discuss their work. The R&R committee also recommends that any librarians serving on University benefits committees should be asked to give assembly reports.

It was proposed that the R&R Committee perform another interview of librarians similar to the ones done by the 1995 Carpenter group. It was also proposed that there be a representative of the Executive Committee at the ULC meetings. Both of these proposals will be discussed at the next meeting of the Executive Committee.

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