Rights & Responsibilities

Minutes of Rights & Responsibilities Meeting

April 6, 1998

Present: Lawrence Marcus (chair), Barbara Burg, Ardys Kozbial (minutes), Susan Milstein, Kathy Hunter Rutter, Lynn Shirey

Main theme Section coordinators should focus on the content of their sections and not the technical aspects of getting the changes to the web pages.

For the May 19th meeting:
Between now and the May 19 meeting, section coordinators should be rewriting their sections, deciding what information to include, what information is unnecessary or out of date, what additional information would be helpful. Do the section coordinators want to keep the same format as the paper document or change the sections?

Section coordinators should send any changes to their pages to Lawrence in an electronic format -- e-mail, Word documents.

Everyone should look at the Link Index and send comments and changes to Lawrence. Do all the links belong here? Are there links that should be added to the list? The committee should be in agreement on all the links that appear on this list.

Graphics. Big question for later. Do we want any graphics?

Section discussion

Should be updated by Sid Verba. Lawrence will contact him.

Brief History
Ken Carpenter will do the update. Barbara will contact him to give him the go ahead. Keep current contents, update, incorporate the whole history into 1 page.

Facts about the HUL system
Keep as is.

Organization of University Library (Ardys)
Ardys will contact Barbara Graham to get a copy of the new annual report for HUL.
Find the source and give credit to the source of the first 4 paragraphs. Do not rewrite.
Make a link to the corporation.
Check the frequency of Library Notes.
Make decisions on what else to include.

Professional Staff (Barbara)
Barbara will talk to Malcolm about new information for this section. The information was recently released in paper format. Could we scan that document or sections of it? Will the information be available at a web site?
This section seems to be fluid and hard to pin down since there are so many changes in the way HR is disseminating the information.
Make decisions on which links to make and how to present the information.

Rights and Responsibilities of Librarians (Susan)
This is the core of the Rights and Responsibilities Committee.
Move the grievance portion of the document to this section.
Make decisions about possibly renaming the section and what the focus of this section should be.

Policies, Career Development, Benefits, and Programs and Services (Lynn and Kathy)
Verify the links to the policies. Are they current? Do we still follow these policies?
Make links to the benefits handbook from here.
Make decisions about what to keep, what to delete, what to change, what to add.

Appendices (Scott)
Sources of Information on the University Library
Check the bibliography
Bylaws of the Librarians' Assembly
Statement on Rights and Responsibilities
Do we need to keep this section or move the link or add this to the Rights and Responsibilities section of the handbook? Is it covered elsewhere?
ALA statement on professional ethics
This version of the ALA statement is officially approved by Harvard. Has this statement been updated? If so, has the updated version been approved by Harvard?
Statistical profile of the University Library
This should link to the HUL annual report.
ULC and the Librarians' Assembly Committees
Link to Library Assembly pages.
The University Library: major units
Is this necessary? Is this covered in the Organization of the University Library section?
Theft and mutilation
Does the Preservation Center have a statement?

Next meeting: May 19
Major task: go through the handbook section by section for approval of each section by the committee.

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