Rights & Responsibilities

Minutes of Rights & Responsibilities Meeting

April 22, 1999

Lynn Shirey, Ardys Kozbial, Leena Siegelbaum, Nancy Hallock, Susan Milstein, Lynda Kresge (minutes)

Committee chair Lynn Shirey reported back from the recent ULC and Librarians’ Assembly Executive Committee meetings. The ULC discussed the mission of the Rights & Responsibilities Committee, and is supportive of the Committee’s plans to follow up on the recommendations made in the report, Moving the Library toward Harvard’s Fifth Century, 1997. Lynn will work with Bill Mayer to send Sid Verba a list of questions relating to progress made on the report recommendations, and to request that he address these during his remarks at the upcoming spring or fall Librarians’ Assembly meeting. The ULC also suggested that the Rights and Responsibilities Committee might look at taking on some aspect of Harvard’s diversity initiative.

The Librarians’ Assembly Executive Committee suggested that Rights and Responsibilities coordinate with David Jones (Director of Workplace Initiatives in HR) to make sure that the librarians’ point of view is included in the upcoming survey of staff satisfaction at Harvard University. After some discussion on the role R&R might play in diversity initiatives, the R&R Committee decided to invite David Jones to meet with us on Thursday, May 27, 1999, to discuss both the diversity initiative and the staff satisfaction survey. Lynn will contact David to extend the invitation. Committee members will prepare questions for David to consider including in his survey.

The Executive Committee also suggested that R&R send out a brief questionnaire to librarians to see what they would like to see addressed by R&R. The Executive Committee sees R&R as a kind of "ideas" committee. The committee discussed the possibility of looking at support for professional development for librarians. In preparation for our next meeting, committee members will work on questions for the questionnaire, and identify examples of committee accomplishments in the past. The method of distributing a questionnaire is still under discussion. It might be possible to get some help from Malcolm’s office or Wadsworth House staff.

Scott will give a brief report at the Librarians’ Assembly, outlining initiatives from the report recommendations which have been met, including published guidelines for professional leave, appointment of position analysis committees, membership on the University Benefits Committee and liaison work between that committee and the Librarians’ Benefits Committee.