Rights & Responsibilities

Minutes of Rights & Responsibilities Meeting

May 19, 1998

Lawrence Marcus (Chair), Scott Britton, Barbara Burg (minutes), Malcolm Hamilton (ex officio), Susan Milstein, Kathy Hunter Rutter, Lynn Shirey

Since Lawrence, Kathy, and Barbara will be rotating off the committee at the end of June, we need to think about potential new members and the appointment of a new chair. (Scott is not a good candidate since he is already a member of the Executive Committee.)

The following sections of the Handbook were reviewed:

Foreword: waiting for Sid Verba's new foreword

The University Library: A Short History: Ken Carpenter will submit his update within a week or so

Organization of the University: awaiting some revisions

Professional Staff: the material following "Positions are evaluated on six two-dimensional factors" is obsolete and will be deleted. The current criteria will be provided by a link to the "Harvard University Compensation Program for Administrative and Professional Staff" on the Human Resources page. A link will be added to "Harvard Librarian position titles, by salary grade and unit" from the Librarian Compensation Page maintained by Malcolm.

Rights & Responsibilities of Librarians: This heading will be changed to "Professionalism and Career Development." The "Career Growth and Educational Opportunities" link, currently under the Policies... section, will be moved into this section. The Professional Responsibilities link will be moved down.

Policies, Career Development, Benefits, and Programs & Services: revisions and additions are well underway.

Sources of Information and Statistical Profile of the University Library:

The remaining sections for review are:

    The University Library: Major Units
    ULC and Librarians' Assembly Committees
    Bylaws of the Librarians' Assembly
Everyone is encouraged to send Lawrence additional useful links for the Index. These links do not have to appear within the text of the handbook.

Next meeting: June 16, 3 - 5 p.m.

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