Rights & Responsibilities

Minutes of Rights & Responsibilities Meeting

August 19, 1997

Present: Barbara Burg (Widener), Lawrence Marcus (Lamont), Kathleen Hunter Rutter (Widener), Lynn Shirey (Law), David Whitesell (Houghton).
Guests: Martha Mahard (FAL), Bridget Reischer (Law)

Minutes: Kathleen Hunter Rutter

1. Lawrence reported on the Executive Meeting of the Librarians' Assembly with the chairs of the standing committees. Our new charge has been accepted. Approval was also given to the committee's home page. Mailings notifying staff of committee openings will be distributed soon. The Librarians' Assembly, with Neil Rudenstine and Sidney Verba in attendance, is scheduled for October 3, 3-5 p.m., Science Center C. Lawrence will report on our proposed activities for the upcoming academic year.

2. The R & R Committee will meet the third Tuesday of each month from 3-4:30 p.m.

3. Activities for 1997/98: Updating the Handbook for Librarians & Professional and Administrative Staff in the Harvard University Library; compiling a list of Harvard librarians past and present who have taught courses at the University; posting a brief history of the Rights & Responsibilites Committee to our web page; providing follow-up information to staff when the final Position Analysis report is distributed.

4. Martha Mahard and Bridget Reischer of the Ad Hoc Rights & Responsibilities Committee spoke on the origins and functions of that group, and of the process of compiling the report Moving the Library Toward Harvard's Fifth Century (December 1, 1995). We plan to put this report along with subsequent amendments on our web page. The PIQ analysis arose as a result of a recommendation of the report.

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