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Minutes of the Rights and Responsibilities Committee

September 24, 2003

Each member introduced oneself and provided reasons why they are interested in serving on the committee.

Minutes Taker
The Co-Chair, Pat (Tully) asked for volunteers for minute taker. Kazuko volunteered to take minutes. Rotation for minutes taking was decided based on alphabetical order from this person on. Pat (Tully) will be a minute taker at the next meeting.

Short history of the R & R Committee and last year’s review of the Committee
Renata provided a brief history of the R&R Committee, from its inception in 1994 to present, as well as a recent review undertaken by the Rights and Responsibilities Review Committee (Review Committee) to examine the R&R Committee’s viability and role. The Review Committee suggested initial recommendations in its report, which was submitted to the Librarian’s Assembly last April (2003). The report is publicized on the Librarian’s Assembly’s website.

Description of the mentoring program proposed by the Professional Development Committee (PDC)
Pat provided a description of the mentoring program, which was originally approached by PDC for cooperative development with them, to assist new and junior librarians for their professional and career development. Pat and Renata reported their attendance at the PDC meeting in June to collect ideas on how to develop the mentoring program. Pat asked for volunteers to serve on the subcommittee for the mentoring program with PDC. Elizabeth expressed her interest in serving on this subcommittee.

Along with the mentoring program, a possibility to work together with the Communications and Orientation Committee was mentioned to develop a simple web guide to new librarians and staff (some of the content would come from linking to relevant material in the Handbook and elsewhere). Fran and Pat (Hatch) expressed their interest in serving on this subcommittee.

Thoughts on possible activities for the R & R Committee for this academic year
Ideas brought for possible activities for this year include:

Next Meeting: Will be determined later (Pat will email to the members upon double-checking her schedule). Setting-up of specific days and times for future monthly meetings was suggested.

Respectfully submitted,
Kazuko Sakaguchi