Rights & Responsibilities

Minutes of Rights & Responsibilities Meeting

September 16, 1997

Present: Lawrence Marcus (chair), Barbara Berg, Kathleen Hunter Rutter, Lynn Shirey (minutes); absent: David Whitesell

1. The revised charge of the Standing Committee on Rights and Responsibilities was not sent out on the mailing from the Executive Committee of the Librarians' Assembly asking for additional members. It appears correctly on the homepage. --There are no new members as yet for the R&R Committee.

2. The agenda for the October 3 Librarians' Assembly was discussed. Attendance is expected to be slight. There will be a vote on the amending Assembly bylaws, and a report from member of the Ad Hoc Committee on Rights and Responsibilities.

3. Lawrence will try to mount the Carpenter Report on our homepage. --It was agreed that we work on a history of the R&R Committee, in an effort to explain the 3-year hiatus between 1994-1997. Lawrence will begin working on it in October.

4. Librarians' Handbook revision: it was agreed that we would wait for the next meeting, when we will hopefully have more members, to parcel out sections of the Handbook for revision. We decided to begin with simple updating, and consider additions and changes to the Handbook later, or as ideas arise.

5. The idea of presenting position papers on library/librarians' issues was put forward by Lawrence. No consensus was reached.

6. Next meeting: Tues., Oct. 21, 3-4:30; location??

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