Rights & Responsibilities

Minutes of Rights & Responsibilities Meeting

October 27, 1998

Scott Britton (minutes), Nancy Hallock, Lynda Kresge, Susan Milstein, Lynn Shirey (chair), Leena Siegelbaum

Unless conflicts arise, meetings will be on the third Thursday of every month. The dates for the next three meetings are: Nov. 19, Dec. 17, Jan 21.

Minutes will be taken in alphabetical order.

Lynn began with a history of the committee for the new members. Last year the Handbook for Librarians was the focus of the committees attention. Maintenance of this web document will now be the responsibility of staff in the Librarian's Office.

The committee charge was reviewed. The sentence pertaining to the Handbook should be removed. Otherwise, the charge is broad enough to remain as it is.

Discussion followed about what projects the committee could work on during the next year. The following ideas were presented:

  • Write a vision statement for librarians - link it to the SLA competencies and professional development.
  • Investigate issues of equity among the different faculty. This could result in a report on the status of the PIQ; changes in job grades and titles in response to the publication of the matrices and grades; amount of support for professional development listed by faculty; librarians' salaries by faculty with comparison to ARL statistics; and a review of jobs across faculties with special note to the use of the matrices.
  • Create a website that lists librarians and any subject expertise, special skills, languages, education, etc. that they would be willing to share with others at Harvard. The site could also have photos and staff directory information to serve as an online directory of Harvard librarians.
  • Review the SLA competencies and see if anything similar can be written for the HUL librarians.

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