Rights & Responsibilities

Minutes of Rights & Responsibilities Meeting

November 19, 1998

Scott Britton, Nancy Hallock (minutes), Ardys Kozbial, Lynn Shirey (chair), Leena Siegelbaum, Malcolm Hamilton (ex oficio)

Re: Committee responsibility for the Handbook for Librarians
Malcolm confirmed that the maintenance of the Web site will be done through Wadsworth House. Currently the benefits section is out of date and will probably be replaced by links to the Personnel Manual/HR so the information can be as up to date as possible. The R&R committee can still play a role in watch-dogging the maintenance of the site and contacting Malcolm about any necessary changes.

The Librarian's Assembly will mark its 25 year anniversary at the December 8 meeting (9:15-10:45 a.m.) President Rudenstine will attend. Bill Mayer, Assembly Chair, will introduce committee chairs.

Lynn reported that the Assembly's Executive Committee liked the committee's proposal to pursue a follow-up to the "PIQ" process. Malcolm provided some context, background, and definitions about PIQ, PDQ, job matrices, job families, etc. It was decided that "PIQ process" is really a misnomer for the committee's interest, which is: finding out if reclassifications of (filled) positions were undertaken in the wake of defining job families and constructing the matrices. All units were charged with having a procedure in place to review job classifications. R&R wants to ascertain that such procedures exist and make librarians aware of re-class possibilities. One way might be to construct a generic statement on the Web site with the matrices advising librarians to contact their unit's HR office for procedures. The committee also felt it might be useful to gather information about how many applications for reclassification have been submitted system-wide and how many were granted. Were these initiated by librarians themselves? Their supervisors? HR offices? Were there other contributing circumstances (e.g. departmental reorganization)?

Malcolm can query HR directors about their procedures. He will also check about the charge of a PIQ follow-up committee (under Barbara Graham?) to avoid duplication of effort on R&R's part.

The committee discussed further Scott's idea about a librarian resource directory. Lynn had not presented this to the EB, but no opposition was anticipated. Ideas about access (public? Internal? Harvard?), information to be included (basic directory only? Languages? Professional memberships? Substantial publications? Photo optional?) and maintenance were bounced around. Again, maintenance can probably be handled through Wadsworth House once the committee has created the Directory. Malcolm has much of the basic info in a database, but the committee needs to design a questionnaire if it wishes to broaden the scope from a basic directory to a true resource directory. It should also secure permission of individuals to be included; inclusion implies a willingness to act as a resource.

Lynn will propose the Resource Directory project to the EB at its next meeting. With its approval the committee can begin designing a questionnaire.

Next scheduled meeting: December 17 at 3:30 p.m. in the Widener Conference Room.

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