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Minutes of the Rights and Responsibilities Committee

April 22, 2004
(Lamont Library, Room 502)

Present: Pat Tully, Renata Kalnins, Patty Hatch , Elizabeth McKeigue, Fran O’Donnell, and Kazuko Sakaguchi (minute taker)

Ethics program
Patty and Elizabeth reported on their communication with potential Harvard speakers for the Ethics Program. While they are supportive of the basic idea of the program, they have also have pointed out potential challenges on discussing internal confidentiality issues. All believe it is best to start with a program with a broader approach by using existing confidentiality policies (e.g., the University’s Information Security and Privacy Policy and the ALA was mentioned). Patty passed around the recent issue of SPEC Kit (278) which features library patron privacy. As a potential speaker for the program, Patty suggested Peter E. Murray, the author of this publication who is currently at the University of Connecticut. A possible date for this presentation to occur could be in early fall (preferable the first week of October). Patty will contact him and her communication with him will be posted to the R&R members.

Prior to the meeting , a revised draft of One Stop Guide to the Harvard Libraries on the Web by Fran and Renata, was distributed to the members. The revised Guide eliminates all links to the older Handbook. It was agreed that the revised draft, with minor revisions as to style by Fran and Renata, could be submitted to the Executive Committee for review. At the same time, questions can be posed to the EC about the status of some resources that were mentioned in the old Handbook , but for which updated information had not been found. The EC would also be asked for guidance on the question of whether the Handbook should be retained on the R & R website since its information is dated.

Report on the Executive Committee meeting
Pat reported briefly on the latest Executive Committee meeting on April 15th, in which she presented the Mentoring Subcommittee’s proposal and survey. Timing for implementation of such program may not be most appropriate; however, the EC suggested that we start with a smaller, less formal program or focus group to facilitate networking opportunities for potential mentors and mentees. Also, the EC suggested that the Subcommittee work on a proposed charge before the next EC meeting in May or June. Pat reminded the members of the upcoming LA meeting and various events for librarians.

In relation to the previous section, Pat reported that she had distributed a proposal and survey from the Mentoring Subcommittee for the development of mentoring programs. She is awaiting the members’ responses.

Old and New business
There was no particular old or new business to discuss.

Approval of minutes
Minutes of the March 18, 2004 meeting were approved with one deletion of absent section inconsistent with previous minutes of the committee.

Scheduling next meeting:
It was scheduled on Thursday, May 27 (3-4:30) in Lamont room # 502.

Respectfully submitted,
Kazuko Sakaguchi