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Minutes of the Rights and Responsibilities Committee

Rights & Responsibilities Committee
Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, April 12, 2005
Harvard University Library Office for Information Systems – 205A
9:00 – 10:30 AM

Present: Renata Kalnins (Chair), Elizabeth McKeigue, Patty Hatch, Kazuko Sakaguchi, Erin Wise; Absent: Kim Dulin, Melanie Wisner

Minutes. Minutes of the March meeting were approved.

Ethics Program. The Ethics Program is still with the Office of General Counsel for review.

Disability Program. Gloria Korsman notified Renata that Barbara Graham had approved the disability program. The group agreed to try to schedule a program at the end of May if Marie Trottier’s schedule is still open. Erin will be in touch with Marie Trottier about possible dates and times and will discuss in greater detail the content of the presentation. Erin will then contact the group by e-mail to determine which dates work the best for the group. Patty volunteered to be the contact person for Lamont Forum Room reservations.

Mentoring Subcommittee. Prior to the meeting, Kazuko had e-mailed Committee members a copy of the Subcommittee’s resignation letter to the Executive Committee. There was a brief discussion of the Subcommittee’s work. The group acknowledged the good work of Kazuko and other Subcommittee members in exploring mentoring options.

Potential New Projects.
1. Pre conference publicity of Harvard speakers. The Committee had agreed to propose a plan to Wadsworth House for providing publicity before a professional conference occurs so that Harvard attendees have the opportunity to know when, where, and what their colleagues are presenting. Patty had volunteered to compose a draft proposal but did not have the opportunity to do so before the meeting. She will draft a proposal and forward it to Committee members for review and comment by e-mail. There was general agreement that while there are many potential conferences that this type of publicity could apply to, it would be best to presently focus on the ALA conference this summer.
2. Involvement of Harvard library professionals in professional organizations.
Responding to a suggestion made at the last meeting that we begin by trying to obtain information about how many other Harvard library professionals belong to the organizations that we individually belong to, Committee members shared the results of their efforts. Many of the organizations surveyed appear to compile member information in such a way that affiliation can be readily obtained.

At the last meeting, the group had decided to develop a survey that encourages our colleagues to contact us about their professional involvement. After some discussion, it was agreed to postpone the development of a survey and instead undertake the development of a program of speakers highlighting and sharing with a Harvard audience the contributions that Harvard library professionals make to their fields when they present or publish in the larger professional community. Committee members discussed some colleagues whose work had recently been publicized in Library Notes and had sparked interest in the group. Elizabeth volunteered to informally contact one of the colleagues mentioned and gauge interest in such a presentation.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Friday, May 6 at 9:00 in OIS 205A if it is available.