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Minutes of the Rights and Responsibilities Committee

Rights & Responsibilities Committee
Meeting Minutes
February 11, 2005
Harvard University Library Office for Information Systems – 205A
9:00 – 10:30 AM

Present: Renata Kalnins (Chair), Melanie Wisner, Elizabeth McKeigue, Patty Hatch, Kazuko Sakaguchi, Erin Wise, Kim Dulin

Minutes. Kim apologized for forgetting to post the minutes from last month’s meeting. She will post them after this meeting.

Ethics Program. The committee discussed the current status of the Ethics program – which is again on hold because of the heretofore unknown need to get an ok for the program from the Office of General Counsel. We discussed whether we should even continue to pursue sponsoring the program. We all agreed it was worth pursuing and we decided to send a memo about the program, along with a copy of the case studies to be discussed, to OCG. Once we get the ok from OCG we can schedule a date. Patty agreed to take care of getting this memo in final form and circulate it among the committee members. Once we all agree on its final content Melanie will get it to Peter who has offered to take this to his contact at OCG on our behalf.

Elizabeth showed us a draft of the Powerpoint she has prepared for the meeting. She also agreed to try and obtain two additional case studies by Monday of next week. If Elizabeth can’t find additional case studies by Monday we will just use the five we have already and duplicate a couple of them.

We looked at the calendar of events and determined that April might be a good month to hold the Ethics program. Elizabeth cautioned about not having it during the week of public school vacation, which is the third week in April.

Potential Program on Disability Practices. Erin reported she had contacted Marie Trottier about being a speaker at our proposed program on library services to users with disabilities but has not yet heard back from her. The committee agreed that this program might have to be moved to a later date now that the Ethics program has been delayed.

Harvard Librarians’ Activities. Patty is going to look at some other libraries’ methods of publicizing their librarians’ professional activities and perhaps use one as a model for us. Renata noted that this project ties in really well with the upcoming program being held in May on the global impact of Harvard libraries. Patty also suggested coming up with some survey that we can send around to Harvard librarians asking them to let us know when they are presenting at conferences and publishing articles. We could maintain an archive with this information. Patty will work on putting together a draft form that people can fill in.

Mentoring Subcommittee. Kazuko reported that the Mentoring Subcommittee has not met since its December meeting with the members of the Executive Committee. Elizabeth noted that there is some sort of mentoring project now going on at the College Libraries and that it was mentioned at the State of the Library speech. She suggested that Kazuko contact Steve Marley about the HCL program. Kazuko said the Mentoring Subcommittee would be meeting next week so she will find out more about it then.

Executive Committee Meeting. Renata reported that she attended the Executive Committee meeting in January. The main topic of that meeting was a discussion of the need to pull together some sort of knowledge management structure for the committee. Renata will try and attend the next Executive Committee meeting which is scheduled for Feb. 25.

Our next meeting is scheduled for March 18 at 9:00 in OIS 205A if it’s available