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Minutes of the Rights and Responsibilities Committee

Rights & Responsibilities Committee
Meeting Minutes

26 February 2007

1:30-2:30 PM

Harvard University Archives, conference room


Present: Melanie Wisner (co-chair); Erin Wise (co-chair); Nancy Quinn; Karen Linitz; Susan Earle (minutes); Kim Dulin; Tim Driscoll; Heather Cole; Karen Carlson-Young


I. Approval of Minutes

Minutes from January 22 were approved as distributed.


II. Update from LAEC meeting (February 8) and meeting (January 31) on follow-up to Cliff Lynch’s presentation:           

·        The Benefits Committee is sponsoring a talk on “What Harvard’s Office of Work/Life Resources can do for you” on March 8th, 3:30-5pm.

·        The Communications & Orientation Committee is sponsoring two tours of Memorial Hall on April 4th.

·        The Communications and Orientation Committee is also holding an informal lunch on February 27th.

·        Professional Development Committee’s program, “Tales from the Courthouse,” held January 29th, was a big success, with a full house.

·        The Spring Assembly, a farewell to Sid Verba, will be held on May 10th, 3:30-5pm.

·        Joint Rights & Responsibilities/Professional Development meeting to discuss follow-up

program to Cliff Lynch.

o   Event is scheduled for April 20th, 2-3:30 pm.

o   Dan Moriarty (Chief Information Officer of Harvard University) has agreed to present.  No other speakers are needed. (Issue of whether questions based on tape of Cliff Lynch’s talk should be prepared.)

·        Issue of HUL Committee restructuring and placement of Librarian’s Assembly within it: Donna Koepp is drafting response.


III. Program planning, continued.    

·        Records Management Program, March 22nd , 2-3:30pm

o   Tim will introduce the speakers.

·        Archives/Special Collections Program

o   The Subcommittee (Melanie, Tim, and Susan) will meet within the next two weeks.

o   The program will be scheduled for June; a meeting place, possibly at Houghton or the Radcliffe Gym, must be identified.

·        Hilles Program

o   Heather suggests the program be held the first week of October.

o   Marylene Altieri, Curator of Books and Printed Materials at the Schlesinger Library, and Allen Bourque, Head of Collection Management and Circulation, at Cabot Science Library, will participate in the program.

o   Heather, Marylene, and Allen will meet this spring to plan the program.

o   It would be nice to hold the program at Hilles, if an appropriate space can be found.  Possibilities are the penthouse (Student Organization Center), the reading room (if event is held in AM), or the cinema.


IV.       The next R&R meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 26, 2007 in the Harvard University Archives conference room